“YES, I GOT PREGNANT BEFORE MARRIAGE..!” Joy-Anna Duggar “FINALLY” Addressing Shotgun Wedding Rumors

“YES, I GOT PREGNANT BEFORE MARRIAGE..!” Joy-Anna Duggar “FINALLY” Addressing Shotgun Wedding Rumors

RealityTVserieS Joy-Anna Duggar: FINALLY Addressing Shotgun Wedding Rumors?! From the time Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she’s expecting her first …


28 Replies to ““YES, I GOT PREGNANT BEFORE MARRIAGE..!” Joy-Anna Duggar “FINALLY” Addressing Shotgun Wedding Rumors”

  1. At least she is married an not a statistic and whose busines is it anyway? I don't understand how it happened seeing that their every move is captured by a camera or they are chaperoned….oh well she is married that makes the difference!

  2. God bless you Joy Anna and you new little family. Work through the hard things and never walk away. There will be very hard times sometime but getting to the other side just make your love deeper and sweeter. You made your relationship right so don't let what people think bother you…People will be with you more now than ever. Everyone makes mistakes they are just in families that aren't on the front page of life. My husband and I will celebrate 53 years of marriage. We got married at 17 and 18……we just grew up together. We wanted a baby right away. I did get pregnant after marriage but we were sooooo young. So like I say work through the hard times and the sweet times await. Gods richest blessing on you and your sweet family.

  3. REMEMBER WHEN JIM BOB SAID HE WOULDN''T ALLOW A TV in their home, Obviously cameras were OK as that meant more Money, and their Pure Son (as were all their Children) was ''creeping'' into the bedrooms of his sisters in the middle of the night. As long as TLC was paying it was OK to keep the Truth from the Public.

  4. Why do the titles of these so often not have anything to do with the video or in this case is completely the opposite. Is it so hard to give an honest subject line? Title should have read Joy Anna Duggar gets pregnant on honeymoon. But then not as many people might waste their time watching it.

  5. Joy you go girl!! This mean s your a HUMAN!! Ahhhhh!! God doesn’t take breaks and leave someone else in charge. Can you imagine what we could or wood to others!! So that’s exactly why God Almighty would never do that. You are forgiven….

  6. It doesn't matter when she got pregnant. Who are we to judge only person that can judges God. If she got pregnant before that's fine she got pregnant after she got married that's fine too people need to quit being so judgemental and quit saying stuff about whether she was pregnant or not before she got married. Just because she chose to not say anything or post pictures we'll that's why because people are so judgemental. Why cant people just let them be happy an enjoy their bundle of joy

  7. Every time a duggar girl gets married and then gets pregnant soon after, fans say the same thing!!! It's so annoying. They would never conceive out of wedlock!!!!! Just get that into your thick skulls already!!!

  8. She had a ten pound baby and was a bit early, that’s huge. She was probably carrying straight out front and big with such a big baby. Even if she did get pregnant before wedlock, good for her for going against her oppressive parents.

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