36 Replies to “Yazidi survivor: ‘I was raped every day for six months’ – BBC News”

  1. Let's give a BIG round of applause to Bush family and Chenney and the ENTIRE CONGRESS save for a few who opened the gates of hell on the Iraqi people all for personal profit!

  2. And while some privilege women uses their 'gender card' to accuse people of sexual assault( mostly reported rich celebrities). If this continues, rape won't be considered serious. Dig your own grave girls.

  3. Yazidi women are blessed with the most amazing beauty. Knowing that there’s humans in the world that are capable of doing the most inhuman things to their fellow humans is so heart breaking. My thoughts and wishes are with the not so lucky Yazidi people who still suffer at the hands of these animals

  4. Long live for germany from mauritius island we are sincere all time to help peoples around the world who are in difficulties as pass through earthquakes floods sunami and many natural disasters and we are still here even with our small island to contribute a lot for aur mankind and maybe tommorow we can be a victims like this and as we are seeing in bcc news we expected to germany treats these people like that even in real life greatfully cause many countrie which held these victims treat them badly many escape even sucide but they are like our own afterall they are humans like us .gods protects you froms these isil evils and be couragers in life think positive alway specially to this girl iqlas or the victims girl your parents will be rip in paradise they are just innocents one may allah bless you and your friends victims also

  5. This is what I call propaganda at it's finest these girls were never raped by anybody also these girls are nothing more than ashkenazi jews pretending to be Indian also pretending to be Muslim and pretending to be Chinese also pretending to be Gentile Caucasian Americans
    These ashkenazi jews are nothing but criminals
    I am a former ashkenazi jew

  6. As Kurdish people, we have always suffered from genocide. ISIS doesn’t have and didn’t have any religion. They weren’t aren’t Muslim. If you don’t believe, you can visit Mousil city. They didn’t destroy any Churches. They just destroyed mosques. This innocent girl is Kurdish, but unfortunately she speakers Arabic due to continua subordination by Iraq. We are not Arab. With my respect to all Arab people, I mean we are Kurds. We. The world must admit that we are a nation and we must have our own country.

  7. All problems in middle east is because U.S wants to control oil price in dollars. That is the root cause of saddam death, gaddafi death, syria crisis, etc. If america shut up and get their egoistic ass out of middle east, the world will be a better place. U.S created ISIS to support sunni muslim clan of Saudi to fight against Syrian rule and Iran. ISIS was created by trained CIA agents from U.S.

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