22 Replies to “Yasmine Mohammed – Confessions of an Ex-Muslim”

  1. huh?? They already have cities like this of christian sects that do have compounds. What about the fundamentalist mormons? They start their own cities with their own security.

  2. entering Canada does not require a passport or identification. social services is waiting at the borders and airports to give out $2500 a month per person and a home to welcome all and any Muslim al Qaida or mass murderer and Canada will pay money to bring them over here to house them. housing a criminal is illegal in Canada but the government is above their own laws.

  3. Ya know this isn't hard, not hard to use your brain, if you'd just try. I like to use my brain, it is actually fun. I see Jasmine is using her brain. If 1.3 billion Muslim's would use their brain AND if 1.3 billion Christians would use their brain, think what a nice world we'd have.

  4. Muslims are dumb as dog shit. Their average IQ of 76 should keep them from ever actually "conquering the world", however, they are so stupid they believe the 72 virgins in the afterlife bullshit and will blow themselves up for that belief. They definitely pose a threat to everyday people just living their lives, but as a whole? No. Too stupid.

  5. There's nothing good to say about a 'religion' or its adherents hunting you down after you leave it. I'm talking to both of you, Islam and Scientology. If your religion can't stand the scrutiny of questioning and the possibility of loss of faith, if adherents need to threaten the lives of apostates just to keep the numbers up, it's an absolutely false ideology, plain and simple. And only cults behave this way.

  6. Just because Ben has money, does not mean he is educated. He is liberal. He should try being a woman in poverty in the Muslim community. The tree huggers are all wrong.

  7. religions, not just Islam but Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism….sigh… that depress and imprison women: genital mutilation, forced marriage, prohibit birth control, underage marriage, rape, dress code, baby factories, manners, etc, ETC…..are AFRAID, no, TERRIFIED of the power that women hold.

    I read Ashhan Hirsi Ali's (spelling??) biography. WOW! Fuckin…WOW! She is a prime example of female power and her rise above and out of the oppression and violence of Islam. Powerful, Intelligent, Persevering….and when religions oppress women like that they're really missing out on the amazing contributions that women COULD bring if only they were allowed to.

    Fuck religion!

  8. yes but yu cant treat muslims the same way because for example..muslims are obligated to keep there prayers schedule. …so what happens is that if they cant do there Namaz in work or school then they will have to leave work or school to keep there obligations…and as a result can get in trouble for that. so something needs to give. why are these people so appalled by muslims ??

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