21 Replies to “Why Many Japanese Women Work in Prostitution”

  1. Is prostitution legal where you live?

    (Edit: 4/14/2018) Sorry, I should've mentioned in the video about the "1 in 20". It's actually not 6,525 million (total population of women in Japan ) ÷ 300,000.

    According to the website below, this is how it comes out.

    The average working years of prostitutes : 8.8 years
    The number of women "per year": 700,000
    The number of prostitutes (working in Japan as a prostitute per year): 300,000
    8.8 years × 700,000 ÷ 300,000 = 20.5333333

    My apology not for explaining about that.

    Although I'm sure they're not all Japanese women probably, Japan is still really homogeneous country unlike Canada or US, so the prostitutes are probably mostly Japanese. It's very likely so.
    Also, although this was not included in the video, he said during the interview that there are a lot of women who just tried one time and soon quit. Those women are basically just one time prostitutes (but it's not considered prostitutes). If you include those women, probably the estimated number of prostitutes in Japan would increase more.

  2. Japanese people should relearn Buddhism and its moral concepts of sexual misconduct. The karmic retribution of sexual misconducts is extremely heavy and terrifying. Please be careful, everyone!!!

  3. Really guy you can find many Prostitution in every Country.

    And for example in Rich Country works many Prostituts from poor Countrys.

    We have in Germany many east europe and near east Prostitution.

    In fact of that we have more Prostitution togher with Nativ german Prostituts.

    Iam sure in Japan with high Standard industries we find same things.

    In United State States you can find in State which Prostitution is illegal much of that.

    In the End you make Clickbait Video for cash or you go self a lot to Prostitution.

    Thats the true reasion why you see so much Prostitution;)

    Every Nation have this Streets it called the oldest Business in the World;)

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