25 Replies to “Why I Won’t Call Myself A Feminist: It’s Hypocrisy”

  1. Ok yes there are MANY people out there who bring a bad reputation to the word "feminism" and they may branch of into their own beliefs of what feminism should be, but that doesn't change the meaning of it at all. That doesn't mean you should refuse to call yourself a feminist because some people took it a different way. Women are still far from equal and what's worse than people turning feminism into more of a man hating game, are the people saying they're not feminist because of that. I strongly disagree with this video. Women are fighting today the way they were fighting centuries ago and will be centuries to come. So as long as people make videos speaking against feminism but pro women. We will get nowhere if we continue separating ourselves from others with a common goal.

  2. Sincerely, I don't see the point of this video. I understand that many people who call themselves "feminists" have a wrong idea about the true definition of the movement. But this is not the whole feminist collective, not at all. Sometimes it seems like there are many of these "radical feminists", but this is people who has misunderstood the goal of feminism, not the actual movement. So, I think this video is ignoring the largest part of the feminist population who fight for equal rights as men and not for being above them.
    Also, yes, feminism is a movement that includes many others. For example, feminism defends that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body and her life. The pro-life movement has the opposite idea of protecting an unborn child, no matter the consequences. But this has nothing to do, you can be a feminist AND pro-life, you can debend women's rights and fight for new lives. And, if someone tells you that you can't be a feminist because you believe in that, then they should learn respect for other ideas and that's all.

  3. I feel as though the "true feminists" that actually hold and practice the ideals that define feminism on paper or practice it in a way similar to the first or second wave movements are in fact the minority. I find this to be particularly true when observing Millennials or Gen Z feminists and as I am apart of Gen Z I don't want to call myself a feminist and become associated with those ideals. This isn't the case similar to Islam for example where the radical Muslims make up an incredibly small percentage but the "radical feminists" are not difficult to find and thus I do not want to be lumped in with them.

  4. I'm called a feminazi by boys at my school for pointing out blatant sexism
    and not sexism in society except for the jail time gap for sexual harassment
    I point out them being sexist

  5. Because we DON'T want to be associated with "third wave feminism" because they are MOSTLY whiney SJW'S… And there are ONLY TWO GENDERS!!! Thank you for this video!!!

  6. You know, I'm glad I found this video, and hope to show it to my mom. I showed her a video by Shoeonhead about the film The Red Pill, which shows third wave feminists protesting the Men's Rights Movement. And my mom said that they aren't feminists, but extremists. I've been trying to explain to her that feminism has changed but she has that mentality that a man can't explain feminism to a woman.

  7. I totally understand what you are saying, but as you said in the beginning, the simple definition of feminism is "The equality of men and women." And as you mentioned, you agree with the equality of the two. So you are a feminist. This imaginary universe that, yes, I agree, some specific people have created into what it means to be a feminist, is well, exactly what it's called. Imaginary. People try to turn feminism into something complicated and with rules, but it's not. It's simply believing in equality. And that's why I'm a feminist, and you should be too.

  8. The thing is, what you mean is not feminism, it's just being mean. Feminism is still the idea of men and women being equal. The word "feminism" is misused, and that is really sad, because it takes away the support from an important cause.

  9. I am a 15-year-old girl that calls herself a feminist. I believe what you are saying is both true and not true. As a feminist, i strive to educate my fellow classmates and school about the meaning of equal rights. But all those other problems of "hating Donald trump, LBGT, Planned Parenthood" are just other problems of the world. But i agree that you don't have to have the same morals as "2017 feminism". I think it's questionable that you don't call yourself a feminist because of the mould feminism has in 2017. I think its okay to call yourself a feminist with different values to other people. – thankyou

  10. This is exactly why I don't identify as a feminist. I'm just a person who believes in the equality and individuality of everyone full stop.

  11. I am a feminist and I know plenty of other feminists and non-feminists. I know feminists who hold very strong liberal opinions, including being pro-choice, and pro-LGBTQ+, and the other things you've listed, and I know feminists who do not hold with those values. You are grouping all modern feminists into one extreme group, which not every feminist falls into. The pure definition of feminism is the advocacy of women's rights in order to achieve equality between sexes. I am in no way saying that everyone has to be a feminist. But, what you said about empowering other women, caring about women, and wanting women to have opportunities, I hate to break it to you, but those sound like some pretty feminist idealogies.

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