30 Replies to ““Why I Sleep With OLD MEN…” | Confessions Of A Male PROSTITUTE!”

  1. I am a non practicing homosexual: I believe in the Most High YAHUAH, HIS Son YAHUSHA, and Ruach HaKoDesh, the Mighty One.
    I don't accept a White Jesus Christ, since there is no scripture to support this appearance, however, scripture does proclaim the appearance of both FATHER, and Son to be Black. JSWC

    The problem with this prostitutes professed deliverance of Homosexuality, is the DENIAL of the SIN, by BLAMING a "Demon" for the gross misconduct of his Actions.
    ie: Infecting others with HIV+, and proudly displaying his Federal Certificate. It was GROSS MISCONDUCT.
    It is in my mind of the WORD of YAHU: Murder

    1) He should, if he is remorse, hand himself into the authorities?
    2) Contact all his clients and have them go to SCOAN, for healing, deliverance, and this man publicly ask these people for forgiveness, by way of repentance

    I work at a HIV+ clinic. I do not have HIV+. The safest way, is to be non active, whether gay or straight, use condoms, If you have AIDS tell the other FELLOW BEING, don't use dirties, use clean if your an addict etc

    AIDS is no respecter of persons. It is a plague, "Not written is HIS awesome WORD" Revelations
    I, as a FELLOW MAN exercise compassion for people who have contracted AIDS.
    It in reality is a DEATH sentence. There is no coming back for those who don't believe.

    Repentance is ACTION
    "Show me Your faith without works, and i will show you my works by my faith" James

    If this man is sincere, then stop hiding behind the free gift of GRACE of YAHU and bring those who you hurt too

    Kia Ora

  2. the word of god is strongest supported in the continent of africa… yet quality of life is higher in more secular countries… religion is distracting from the solution!! exploitation and corruption by collonialism and greedy people (more suitable title of the western disease) is the poison and the demon that needs to be cured and exorcised

  3. God is so good. For He is passionate to see His people set free from all bandages. He raised many people to these Holy Works- to expose the Lucifer's agenda at this last time. One of which is the great prophet of our time senior prophet T.B. Joshua. i highly appreciate for God's grace upon T.B.Joshua. Without the Grace of God no man can be saved and deliver him/her self. We depend on Your Holy Spirit O! Lord. More grace Lord. There are a lot of people in the unseen chain- unbelief, demonic attacks, in the church, in the world. May the Almighty God passionate on us All.

  4. because the idiots in the USA signed a law for homos,we all gonna be doomed! A big earthquake is coming,because we accepts homos ,instead of getting them delivered from the evil spirit

  5. I sonr care about the god shit but I hope this man is happier not living as a prostitute. If hes gay, or trans, he should embrace that though. God made him that way, after all.

  6. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for saving this lil brother from all the shame n suffering n stigma n torture. Thank you for following your calling. Jesus is Lord and he knew who to pick to do his work one by one. You are Jesus's right hand man. One very strong warrior. God bless you n Scoan.

  7. TB Joshua Goes To Trial For The Deaths Of 116 People In Church Building Collapse
    SaharaReporters can authoritatively report that TB Joshua, the famed Senior Pastor and Prophet of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), is going to trial over his role in the collapse of the church’s six-story guesthouse killing 116 people last year. A statement signed by Bola Akingbade, the Deputy Director of Public Affairs in the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, confirmed TB Joshua’s arraignment for Monday, November 30, 2015.

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