20 Replies to “Why Filipina WIVES are the BEST?”

  1. Filipina wife is just look for visa nd money..if u have these use u than run with other men…but filipina women is only good for sex..that's all..

  2. Not all filipinas are like that.. But yeah most filipinas like 80% are like that.. Filipinas with these qualities will surely attract an insecure guy, controlling guy or a man just looking for made/sex slave.

  3. Oh that's ok just though I would ask thanks it will be a while before she is here may I keep in touch I might have some questions about the process to get her here

  4. That's awesome I'm in Edmonton my sweetphilipina and I just submitted our paperwork dec 30 now it's hurry up and wait . As you know she won't have and friends here hmmm I'm wondering if you are close by maybe you could help me make her feel more at home here in Canada if that is possible thank you for replying back so soon

  5. Keep doing more videos. Too many people think filipinas are just gold diggers. But there are truly loving, loyal, sweet filipinas that are great cooks, cleaners and are the best wives. And not materialistic like so many American women! Of course Filipina beauty is unmatched as well. Very feminine, classy and family oriented.

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