24 Replies to “When Cousins Marry (Family Documentary) – Real Stories”

  1. My grandparent are cousins and some of there kids are also married to cousins. I also know many other people who are married cousins, but all are healthy and none have any problems.I know many couples who aren't cousins whose kids developed problems. God gives diseases to whomever he wants. Science changes over time so it's not completely reliable.

  2. This is heartbreaking 5 beautiful kids sadly is suffering from their parents incest. So many women and men out there why marry family especially such close family. Damn

  3. Is Islam compatible with science? He say my brother have 5 kids they're all okay, what a stupid thing to say. If he care he should learn from his first child. Child abuse. Culture and religion may be 10% good 90% old old. Better replaced with science.

  4. Others: Criticising the practices in certain religions or cultures..
    Other religions:okay we will try to change it..(atleast most of them)
    Muslims: Ohh..my..it's not about Islam ..it's perfect..don't attack us you racist people

  5. So sad. I hope they learn to outgrow these old traditional beliefs and connect with ppl of different races thru spirit and the heart, not archaic dangerous beliefs

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