27 Replies to “What You Didn’t Know About Prince William & Kate’s Marriage”

  1. Kate is NOT the first "commoner" to marry an heir to the throne (although William is still a one-off as long as the queen and Tampax Charlie are alive). Lady Diana Spencer, although an aristocrat, was NOT a royal, but listed as a "commoner" when she married Tampax Charlie. Edward VIII abdicated to marry his commoner wife, who was decidedly common–and an American to boot. However, since he abdicated, I'll give you that one. Notably Anne Hyde first wife of King James II, and Elizabeth Woodville, who married King Edward IV in 1464 and became a key figure in the Wars of the Roses were commoners with no direct connections to nobility. A simple search engine will list the commoners who married into royalty back to when what's his name burnt the cakes. Yes, I know it's Alfred who burned the cakes.

  2. une vidéo vu en you tube pour changer un peu de la musique et chanson habituelle, Je n'avais pas encore entendu parlé de ce couple. 1ère découverte. William-Kate's, le traducteur fus capricieux il comprenait : Skates, tout devient une affaire pour se comprendre. l'Angleterre possède une monnaie la Livre Sterling , ce qui signifie que le couple ne sera pas une attraction touristique mais ayant un rôle d'état dans une Monarchie Constitutionnelle comme dans tous les Pays du Monde. 5 9 2017. 21h

  3. Their love story is right out of a fanfiction, or an original wattpad novel. Now I'm not saying it's seems too good to be true, but I mean that perk where the main girl is this super talented perfect girl who just so happens to meet this rich and important guy at a very equally important event. Then the guy tries his best to get the attention of the girl and she is thrown into his crazy life. People say story books don't come true, by chance this is very rare true love that mimics fiction.

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