21 Replies to “What one white woman learned being married to an African American Man (Get Out)”

  1. the circle of life is;
    White women seek out rich men to marry,and give them their money,then they get black anacondas on the side,and give them money to break their pelvises.

  2. Neanderthals lack true logic ,and understanding, So I don't try to explain my struggle to them. Unless I have to.I rather bust there head open for terrorists actions against me.

  3. Taillight Out, Really? THIS STORY IS QUESTIONABLE AS A Husband Will Fix This Quickly, Usually. Also, She Admitted She's On Both Sides Of The Fence….Side #1 'White' Privilege, Entitled, Above The Law. Side 2. Could Be She's Assigned To Breed Out His Melanin To Raise Her Mulatto Children To Breed with 'Whites' Only To Strengthen Their Fertility. Whites Are Dying Off(Baby Boomers, etc.) Faster Than Giving Live Births.

  4. Deu_23:2  A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

    Bastard is the Hebrew word mamzer which in English means mongrel. These mix race mongrels are cursed and shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation. They would have to remarry with pure blooded whites or blacks for over 10 generations before the race would be pure again.
    The flood came because all flesh had corrupted it's way upon the earth. Sounds like race ,ixing between the white adamic race and blacks was the order of the day back then like it is today and promoted 24/7 in the media ONLY in christian white nations.

    God said kind after kind. Blue Jays do not mix with Red Cardinals and hammerhead sharks do not mate with great white sharks or bull head sharks etc

    But the path to hell is wide and most people choose that path. They should Youtube search I Died and Went to Hell and hear some stories about people who died and went there and lived to tell about it. Our spirits come out at death into a spiritual heaven or hell. Bible prophesy is coming true with 100% accuracy. Safest bet is to get lined up with God's laws and Jesus and turn away from sin.

  5. Love! Yes, No one knows these women as much as I do. Part of the womanly "Love" experience is a desire to help a man who is down and out. Why? hey, it's a mystery of life brother! That "wanting to help" is super strong in white women, the love for the underdog is so strong they'll give up everything they own and their futures to go with the bad boy, black, brown, white, or goblin, It don't matter, even a biker bum can be loved by them. Love of the oppressed is argumentatively the White Woman's biggest fault. So try not to view it through racist eyes. Keeping in mind the Women's Movement and how men used to keep woman in line years ago with the back of the hand. Now they are free from their own oppression's and running amuck. Having what they are historically told they can't have becomes a challenge to some, hence the love of a black man, or even loving another woman openly. Traditions and cultures change all the time. Albeit IR's couples are a small percentage. But hey, lesbo's, IR's, and beauty & the beast situation's do stand out when people watching!

  6. Money control racism . If blacks control the banks racist whites would not have a voice or a ground to stand on . But blacks are to busy doing crime fighting other blacks for resources and kissing whites ass for jobs and higher pay that they will never get equal compare to whites people rich life styles . Whites get rich by paying blacks Little money for working and pay white people the real pay we all suppose to get in America . This is why 90% white people have missions and fancy cars . Because white companies are not paying blacks equal pay .

  7. What is he saying!! Treat the women badly and you will get chosen. lol Ok you better have something to bring to a relationship. Men love attractive women, women love men who acn provide.

  8. call me ignorant..closed minded…..blind..inhuman…call me what ever…but as much as i love america for its external perception of life/glamour…movies etc…i could never live there..(i sound so hypocritical)my favourite musicians are american my favourite films barring kung-fu films are american…no disrespect your society IS FUCKED UP…and for a country as diverse as yours to be inwards so narrow minded/closed minded is beyond me…what scares me most is you see america as the answer to world peace…and you don't even have it in your own backyard..your too divided for the majority of the world…me included…

  9. everybody watching this I want you to remember and don't forget about OJ Simpson he might as well go live on a island. He took care of her whole family pictures cheesing happy in love with this white b**. He didn't f*** with his people. Now look at his ass. In love with a white b**

  10. I am a firm believer that "We attract, what are mindset is" So if she had an issue, then She attracted the same caliber type of person t learn from. Ganted, You love who you love, however if they don't respect themselves, they don't have the value of self worth. So You can't build anything without foundation in yourself first. Especially, now, there's more to you than you material worth, it's your last name and legacy.

  11. Bro you need to understand that her white privileged life has tried to protect her from the truth about the black mans struggle so only when she lives that life can see truly understand just how privileged a life she had before getting with a black man.

  12. This is the problem with black men giving a free pass to white women for somehow being less racist than white men. It's there. It's always there, just more hidden.

  13. ppl are so confused and messed up when it comes to dealing with other races. I'm a black woman and I've dated white men before and I didn't like the experience. it would take a whole lot of convincing for me to date outside my race again. in my experience of dating white men, most of them don't really take black women seriously and have some racial bias in them. I think ppl are better off when the just stick to their race.

  14. BLAHahahah ohhhh geez but with all due respect I come from a mixed family and all this shit has happened to my white wife in relation to our black nephew, only the perpetrators were black people not white!!!! Lol one time my wife got confronted in Walmart by a black lady who was certain that she had kidnapped our five year old BLACK nephew. Not to mention all the dirty words my wife was called by black girls who thought she had STOLEN a black man from them. The world takes all kinds and there are alot of ignorant people out there ignorance knows no race !!!

  15. Have to agree with Unique El … Alfred Hitchcock suspense and long ting …. frustrating .. Synopsis in a speedy fashion followed by story … Good luck .. I'm never coming back.

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