46 Replies to “Weird Things Everyone Just Ignored About Tom & Katie’s Marriage”

  1. I don’t think we should be so judgemental about Tom, I think he’s an ok, maybe a bit controlling & the couch jumping was a bit over the top weird, but I basically like Tom anyway

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  3. some many people hoped that katie holmes and tom cruise would grow old together have 25 year of marriage anniversary she found true love up on her wall of movie star actor has has been married twice already . i guess infatuation wore off tom cruise acted he was in love to point convincing himself of it that was true. not exactly true love more advert to sell movies every thing else in between .contract marriage huge money every year . i don,t mind tom cruise finding love once it with some one suitable not some young one with rocks in her head

  4. I don't think anyone ignored any of these weird things surrounding their marriage as your title suggest. Their marriage were so high profile everyone had some sort of feelings or reactions to these episodes 🙂

  5. a very well coordinated Hollywood publicity stunt marriage based on what exactly 2 complete different backgrounds ,incomes ,education , upbringing , she z – list actress ,tom cruise A- list actress, katie came from very wealthy background and tom cruise came poverty and lot shitty schools with learning difficulty in tow to make matter worse . tom cruise is go getier and Adrienne junkie katie holmes lazy rich bitch and complete bore , what they have in common you this ,surface SEX ,EGO ,MONEY ,FAME AS far compatibility is concerned they have zero in common NOTHING IN COMMON only poor child part of business contract deal for profit purposes ,WELCOME HOLLYWOOD

  6. these are bigger mismatch every made katie holmes came from very soft upper class upbringing with very expensive private schools and huge house very rich father – tom cruise came very poor back ground with asshole for father went to like 15 public schools living ins shitting accommodation .has very leaning difficulty and been bullied in his home and in school

  7. people kind of thick thinking they divorce ,they great couple , well suited are they for real .no they were not .she had silly school girl crush and tom cruise was going through crisis .it was business contract for 5 years contract marriage paps were chasing him and katie holmes want to live her real life dream . they had NOTHING IN COMMON . it went as far as it went it lost steam the business 15 million contract marriage died .like it was suppose to .
    now tom cruise regrets marrying katie holmes and having kid .paying her huge money in contract marriage that should never happened in 1st place . SORRY KATIE HOLMES WAS TOM CRUISE NOT MEANT FOR YOU !

  8. on SEX ,EGO, MONEY ,Hollywood glamour and glitz's and endless paps photos magazines cover and articles ,talk shows ,pubic appearances , advertising it look liked . and stupid quotes .she amazing .his my man my man .where her man now ?
    shallow Hollywood marriage about as much depth as lick of pain

  9. KATIE HOLMES GOT WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED MARRY TOM CRUISE .had his love + money+kid + lived with him + traveled with him + etc . most women out there get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN LIFE .she shit crap actress with rich daddy get every thing she wants in life she don,t have try or work for it .just gets it handed to her on gold plate . shower idiots feeling sorry for rich spoil no talent like her . pure spoilt in every way rich daddy +very very RICH $$$$ handsome movie star husband she never had try just handed to her just like that .

  10. marriage does not suit tom cruise he loves to work he has ADHD .the marriage to holmes was reality tv show nothing more then love island .tom cruise was not happy been to katie holmes towards 2011 he starting working much longer hours and travelling away more to avoid dealing sweet face katie holmes who is about as sophisticated as hillbilly . it was lovery dovery stuff non stop 24/7/365 much to much .people had enough of it .he brought her every where . real people don,t around acting lovery dovery 24/7 it stressful normal people don,t around acting that way , yet tom seem had dumb thing for his airhead fan girl god only knows why. the carried on like love sick teenagers it was really gross tom looking like sick puppy oh lord .hard man cruise is soft as shit . why is playing hard man action heroes. the whole acting like hugging kissing non stop like is over kill.
    when katie holmes pissed off tom cruise starting like man ADULT again he going race track , gambling not a bad thing ,he not acting love sick thank fuck ,he moved out LA . he talking to interviewers in human manner , he putting shit back in order ,since he disarray thanks holmes baby talking bullshit .

  11. some girls get every thing they want when as far fetched as it is they still get it while they don,t deserve it they get it any way and others forever get nothing no matter how hard work or try still get nothing .life is pretty much unfair very unfair . only the lucky get every thing

  12. tom cruise got very creative in trapping his next wife and more then willing prey katie holmes when he went through crazy phases which now has leveled off .the bitch was toxic to him .
    but tom cruise has DYSLEXIA AND ADHD which holmes did not understand or how to deal with all she saw was movie star with very good looks huge bank balance nothing more .

    DYSLEXIA = There are many definitions of dyslexia. A very simple one would be that dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which makes it hard for some people to learn to read, write and spell correctly.

    ADHD =the condition of being abnormally or extremely active.

  13. katie holmes got she always wanted when she didn,t deserve it. all becasue dumb magazine article tom cruise stupidly he gave to her what worse what worse he made huge fuss over failed actress with no talent with dead career she still got she wanted after all .she even airhead tom cruise infatuated for no real reason at all .he was all about her looking at her with loving eyes and even to have his child .some people get too much others get nothing at all .most girls say i wanted to be supermodel ,join the army the police force or i,d love climb mount everst no she wanted multi millionaire movie star with very good looks as hubnad she got him .that real fair

  14. well i guess for dear wooden head katie holmes that tom cruise wasn,t Mr right after all but at least she 5 or 6 years screwing him more women get with poster up on there wall . and she got what she always wanted mr perfect tom cruise in real in HD and in person .what more could she ask for . she more then her fair share of germ off him with all endless kissing .peck cheek kiss and hand holding ,hugging ,romantic dinners .expensive holidays , expensive dresses ,shoes , red carpet events .shopping sprees , probably brand new car too , rides on private jets , high profiled charity events , last but not least his DAN child . and 15 million dollars . she had very good time with him she always smiling hugging her sugar daddy . so he controlled her bit but she was paid wife employee.

  15. I'd never ever go with scientology, nor with catholicism for that matter because all of those world religions are false " big time. Neither is there Salvation in any other, for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. I beleeue in Yeshua HaMashiach he onely is the Real Risen Christ and the Sonne of the Liuing God and he is the Liuing God and there is no other Saviour.

  16. Tom Cruise is a very weak and gullible individual that has no coping skills and suffered at the hands of a abusive fathers hands that apparently has never psychology never left him .Tom's inability to stably satisfy a women long term is not a possibility" hence three failed marriages ".David Miscavage is now his abuser mentally he has lived up to Sigmund Freud theory of gravitating to what you feel most familiar with.It is documented that David Miscavage is a violent abuser who also beats and terrorized everyone including his own father.In every situation of failure they're has to be an under lying cause and effect Tom Cruise father abandoned him and now he is abandoning Suri,if thats not abuse ,i don't know what is .Again; "life imitating art."

  17. Scientology had EVERYTHING to do how nutty Tom Cruise became. Its well known he was a control freak with all his wives, which the cult of Scientology fostered.

  18. Butters thats me this is all real. You laugh and you mock but it won't change the truth. Try your might to rewire your thinking while listening with unbiased thinking and open up your mind to what is in fact the truth. You may think this sounds like such a remarkable, far out there, and too ridiculous of a story to believe or may even just comprehend but it is the truth. It's no more remarkable then knowing that we have millions of sperm in our reproductive organ and that is what it takes to create life by ejaculating into a women. Now since conception and how to is common knowlege is common you don't think anything of it but it is in fact a miracle of life. It is no more outlandish then human beings creating the technology we somehow managed to create. The mind is powerful and just imagine how powerful it would be if your head was in the fight place and you opened up to what I know is in fact the truth in scientology. You laugh but you finding out first hand during the transition period of reincarnation is inevitable. Millions of people deep down don't want to admit that they are in fear that they believe the religion they have been so obsessively believing could in fact me false and that they will eventually find out after passing through their own bodies and may have to suffer the consequence of facing the reality that is scientology. Do your research. Do it well to the point where you realize that it isn't so blasphemous. Not more blasphemous then everyday life experiences and only then you will feel such a sense of enlightenment to the point where you honestly believe and feel like you have all of the answers to that "test" you so desperately have been trying to pass for all of these years

  19. people need under stand this was FAKE MARRIAGE WITH 3 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT for money making purposes nothing more .divorce was happen after 5 years the contract .she was employed by tom cruise to be wife nothing more.of course he going tell her what to do he paying the bills buying her clothes buying the food the roof over her head .that bit she didnt not understand she was paid wife .not real wife paid wife .paid wife does what she is told .real wife has no contract unless marriage contract with no money to it

  20. He's wacko&pray Katie keeps that little girl away from him&his gay goons.&where is Shelly,davids wife?its been 7yrs,police say talked to her but I don't believe it.i think she's dead.

  21. women are no longer quine to date tom cruise he plays eathan cunt cool spy in movie but in reality tom cruise has lost all sex appeal .he goofy and oddball with weird behavior off screen he can,t be himself .the whole katie holmes thing is too weird they all over other like rash to create money and sell movies .she was in love with goofy ball all becasue he was sexy looking idiot girl .tom cruise is more goofy then usually lost all sex appeal using all the boxox and fillers ruined his icon good looks if any they aged made him look weird . women don,t want to date non sexy good looking goofy and oddball .

  22. Personally ithink Katie Holmes is a crap actress,who is an opportunist and saw an opportunity with Tom to further her career her personality is like Dougary Scott in mission impossible 2 quoted "women are like monkeys mate can't let go of the tree branch till they grab the next branch" hence Jamie Foxx. Oh i love scientology she says; i thinks its beneficial for ones growth in life! What she really wanted to say was I'm counting on this movie roll to bank my future lifestyle. Who has a child with someone so mentally unsuitable, and what women doesn't know how to motivate. her man to her lifestyle needs,total failure .IF she was a good actress she and tommy boy would still be together.

  23. People seem shocked that Tom Cruise is still "being brainwashed" by Scientology. I think he holds a unique position with the organization; one that nobody before him – not even the founder, Hubbard, had – a huge organization that acts like his own personal staff and security buffer wherever he goes; and, just as significantly, he is able to do this while still working as one of the most successful film actors working today. In short, Cruise might be having the last laugh. I doubt he adheres to any of the normal tenets or rules of Scientology. He's hugely successful in business — what does he really need them for? His association with them doesn't seem to hurt his box office, so he gets whatever pluses there are from them for whatever money and public support he gives them. In return, they will bend over backwards to please him. It's hard for any of us normal folk to imagine life on his grand scale, but it must be a logistical and management nightmare for his staff. I think this is where Scientology comes in. They act as his buffer to the world, and in return, he is treated like a King within that organization. I imagine that they provide most if not all of his personal and business staff — and with their built-in "loyalty prerequisites", he doesn't have to worry as much as he would if he entrusted his life to say, an outside concierge or management company. I understand that one of his sons lives in a Scientology community in Florida. That's a perfect example of one of the unique services he gets for his kids – with the extra protection that goes with it. That level of security would be almost impossible to buy privately. I imagine if anyone in Scientology pissed Cruise off or mistreated any of his inner circle in any way, they would feel the wrath of the King. So their only rule with him is probably, "Take care of him, and don't tell him what to do — he tells us what to do". That's my theory, anyway: The whole idea that Cruse is "controlled" by Scientology is to my eyes, way off. I think he uses it as a big security blanket, and he's the only one in the world big enough not to be smothered by it.

  24. tom cruise employed katie holmes as wife for 5 years for 3 million a years to boast image and appearance , tom cruise may have love idea of young woman as wife pretty arm candy he may even falling in love all for publicity he got was got was bad very bad yet he kept trucking idiot .instead of good publicity he got nothing but bad and couch jumping was stupid beyond words .katie became star thanks to tom cruise all attention seeking endless red carpet ,charity events , higher profile the better event ,dinner with will smith etc ,and endless PDA was gross the whole family portrait bullshit was really annoying real people don,t act like that in reality .matching outfits only in Hollywood sad .and for the camera only for the camera appearance and image nothing more .——people need understand he employed her as wife she was employee KATIE HOLMES WAS EMPLOYEE OF TOM CRUISE AS WIFE NOT REAL MARRIAGE

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