Weird Sex …

Weird Sex …

my most wierd experience was having sex with my ex when her mother was in the room only 1 meter from us. we layed on separate beds dressed and covered with blankets and we all were watching soap opera. we just pretended to hug and she helped me to slip my buddy into her not so wet hole. i think i had a condome on me from before a hour when her mom suddenly showed up at home.
my ex liked doing it when her mom was at home more than being fucked. once we did it in elevator in the middle of a day, just stopped it on some floor. another time we did it at 5pm in a park. a big family walked through park and we just made it like she was just sitting on me. it was fucking weird. they came by one feet away talking with their kids and looking around and my dick was in her vagina and we pretendet just to be bored hugging and talking about nohing. weird, weird, weird…
never marry a woman who acts like that

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