50 Replies to “Weekend Update on Rudy Giuliani's Confessions – SNL”

  1. jay sekulow DEFINITELY looks like the type of lawyer to have a commercial like that. mainly because he really really looks like the blue-haired lawyer from the simpsons.

  2. To be fair they could try to trap trump by getting him to say something that isn’t true. But making the connection between lays and his lawyers was pure comedic gold

  3. Americans don't ask the real question- How come the only wrongdoing Russia investigation team found against Trump is Gold-digger bitch Stormy Daniels? And How come it is ALWAYS about gold-digger bitches in America?

  4. How is it not illegal for the prez to write his own health report. And does the fact that we haven't now heard an actual factual health report mean that yet one more "democratic tradition", that of knowing the president's health status, has gone out the window to join the candidate's tax records?

  5. Giuliani is a sick puppy and everytime he attempts to defend the windbag shit stench Little Donny Squat to Pee he comes off like the dog that bites the dick it's sucking. He's the perverted uncle your mom told you to stay away from. He's the part of the movie you really get to enjoy your popcorn on. The White House keeps saying the Russia probe is a "nothing burger," well, let's talk about a "shit sandwich." Someone needs to change the little scammy-whammy's diaper again…

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