32 Replies to “Walts Confession – Breaking Bad Extras”

  1. Breaking News: ‘Breaking Bad’ movie sequel on tap with Aaron Paul starring as Jesse Pinkman.
    The sequel will focus on the escape of Jesse Pinkman, played by Emmy Award-winning actor Aaron Paul, with the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, returning to write the screenplay and direct, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  2. If Brian Cranston was a really good actor, he would've have acted badly in this suicide tape as Walter White is a great chemist but not a great actor.

  3. Most non-Americans and non-Antarcticans are probably unaware that he starred in Malcolm in the middle. The story is about a 40year old virgin called Malcolm who fucks his neighbour William Middle and cums inside his ass. Hence the title Malcolm in the middle

  4. When I saw this scene for the first time while actively streaming the entire show, I was completely blown away.
    Phenomenal acting WITHIN phenomenal acting.
    And of course the writing was exceptional.

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