Victor Gets Yelled at to MAN UP | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Season 7

Victor Gets Yelled at to MAN UP | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Season 7

Victor and Gabi don’t get off the hook so easy this time: Dr. Ish gets in Victor’s face about manning up, while Gabi learns that just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she can abuse a man….


33 Replies to “Victor Gets Yelled at to MAN UP | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Season 7”

  1. hes cray.he says he throws stuff because he cant hit her.dude was right 2 tell him 2 man up.i think gabi is a thrower & has a slick mouth.she needs 2 gain control.she gets controlled by her man & her sis.victor needs 2 go 2 anger management.

  2. Awwww hell naw I would of walked out soon as he said I’m not his woman and a bitch. He don’t love her. He need help but not from her. She has a son to raise. You disrespected the mother of your child. But will probably play daddy to some other woman’s kid. That’s disgusting. God does work in mysterious ways because some people do not need kids bro.

  3. It's okay for her to put her hands on him but once he puts his hands on her all hell breaks loose? This world such a f*** up sexist world that needs to stop that I know what he did was wrong and he's a douchebag for cheating and what not and I'm not sticking up for him about the whole cheating situation but it's not right that it's okay for a female to put her hands on a man and get away with it

  4. in some of the comments I see that they say that if you got a man you gonna get hit back or she deserved it and stuff it doesn't matter if a woman or girl hits you be a man and man up and take that hit but you shouldn't throw anything or hit back because if you do not a woman ot throw things at her it shows you don't respect woman And your a coward but some of the other comments are true too she needs to stop putting her hands on him also

  5. I wanna smack victor i will dead turn hin into a woman he thinks that hes a bad boy there is never any bad boy in this planet u just trying to look or make up one

  6. Is anyone gonna talk about how she was a side bitch when they got together and got pregnant and chose to have unprotected set with him and expects him to stand up to the plate when he never had respect for her? She’s naive and stupid he has nothing to offer and he’s a piece of shit

  7. Premadonna need to shut up. Gabi had been telling them that he was like this and all they wanted to do is turn their backs to his wrongdoings and side with him as if he was a baby.. Now she wanna sit up there talkin' bout "I'm tired of Victor".. Girl bye.

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