30 Replies to “Ukrainian women after marriage- what to expect? ★ Taya Ukraine”

  1. i am marry with ukrainian woman. I dont wish for nobody to do. Nothing can compare with this kind of horror movie. Lies before marriage, afther contract kashmar, ujesh. Simply terrible, just nice box full of horror movie

  2. Here in the USA we call a man and a woman together a couple. When your Ukraine women mentions a family that starts and is defined as a man and a woman. I mention this for older men who might be confused when the lady you meet will tell you she wants to be your family. She is not saying she wants children, though it dos imply the acceptance of your current family, but more specifically it means her and you married. In the specific context its your marriage in broader context it is all relatives and children.

  3. I've honestly been hoping one day in the next 5-10 year I'll find a Ukrainian or Russian girl that isn't like the bad ones Taya describes in her other videos. If I ever got one I would do everything with her, live with her, help her clean/cook, watch our children, adapt to her culture, make sure she never goes hungry or doesn't feel neglected, get us a sustainable home, cars, and also let her rest while I takeover all the work. Then when she's feeling better split it evenly.
    (Edited because I forgot to add in help her cook)

  4. Your channel is good but you should stop cooperating with Jew Kate's Model Agency. That guy is a sleaze ball and the best way to meet women is to say hello to them on the street.

  5. I know this older Ukrainian-Canadian woman in her 30s who's divorced with a fully grown Child. She wants a light skin guy with blue eyes and he needs to make $100.000 a year, problem is she had boyfriends who make that amount but she rejected them. She's really pretty but also really picky, I honestly think she'll regret going that high in the future for some reason. What do you think?

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