50 Replies to “Top 10 Shocking Courtroom CONFESSIONS”

  1. Respect to the white guy is so right Jewish people hate us white people they planned the Islamic invasion of Europe the Jew hates are white culture and history and laws that's why its happening with the terrorist attacks across Europe and the Muslim rape gangs on little white girls and women but the BBC Jewish media won't speak about it like the British government they no what's going on letting the Islamic invasion in so they can meet up and plan there Jihad terrorism attacks

  2. All cho-mos and rapists should get automatic life in prison without parole. And any multiple counts ,ie. Serial Rapist's & Child molester's should have mandatory sentencing of death.

  3. The child molester deserved to die messing with an innocent child is by no means okay those people don't deserve to be living in prison and using our tax money to pay to keep them up. Child molesters are about as low as it gets so I disagree with the number one cause that guy done the world a favor.

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