1. If that was me I could only forgive but I don't think I could forget. An I wouldn't take the child has my own I would let the child stay with his mom an give him what I can give an let the father play a part in his child life. It's hard but forgiveness is all we need sometimes. We all do make mistakes.

  2. Prophet TB Joshua my husband kingsly lie and very manipuliation man of god I would like my marriage. To reconciliation back to my husband. ..i will this lady Ginnette Agramonte she left my husband kingsly

  3. Amen l have a problem with my husband i was staying in Zimbabwe my husband stay in SA so my husband have a child with another wife so her said her doesn't want me can you pliz pray for me we have three child

  4. please man of God…. pray for me & my ex husband…. despite of being divorced were still very much suffering…. I have a spiritual husband and he have spiritual wives… it all started when our son was one year…that's all things started falling apart…. my husband I mean my ex husband never chooses woman…. he sleeps with anyone and he has six children's with six women… and now he brought another woman in our home…. she's insulting me up to social network because there witchcraft are not working anyone to us…. I'm a prayer warrior but I can't do on my own… please prophet Tb Joshua help me please…. I lost my infant's twice 21/23weeks because of these demons… nothing is moving for me….help my family… if u deliver us I will take care of my God given husband till the last remaining days of our lives in Jesus name. son of David have mercy on me and my family

  5. So, so happy for what GOD had done for you and your family.Your husband is a good man been that he was able to come out when he heard the called some will not because of
    proud but he did.
    Am a twin I have a twin brother
    with GOD above and the man of GOD this blessed is upon you.
    you will have twins by the grace of GOD because GOD is with you.

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