33 Replies to “This Marriage Reconciliation Will MELT YOUR HEART!!!”

  1. Hope my marriage also is hidden to be that way I'm I have no nothing to do with it is the same problem he get things and then he forgets about me or he just take everything to himself forgetting how did we start our business I'm always to be playing that I don't know how to do money in our Life or marriage or family so this is hurting me a lot he's someone else and I'm someone else my kids that with him I don't have a problem but only the marriage and the business to walk because partners they are in control into all the business and I am having always attacks in this house I live in I was saying to buy some is Ryan oil I don't know nothing about is that I'm on so please man of God the TV Joshua help me to play this attack in my house in my business and my life to be over I wish I could've just come there to your church I can be delivered my family and to be happy once again we are the feminine of a harmonic mini mini years ago and now we behave like a cat and dogs cannot even communicate in the phone please pray for my family

  2. please help us My name is Josephiena ,R My son name is Nikhil M .my daughter name is Keerthana .M I want first house i dont have any support inly from Sreenivas .y we want live with sreenivas .y please bless us

  3. Thanks Man of God, this year in Feb-much i sent my prayer request to you through a certain woman who went to your church SEANGOUE, and i am still praying that you continue praying for my family to exceed and i need a new job with good salary and God should continue grinding his more power to me, and i wont to move to every coner of the world to preach the gospel

  4. I believe God will restore me, no more operations, medications, bad luck, depression, staying in the house and stress. Please, lord intervene in my life. I need my finance situation to restore in Jesus name

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