31 Replies to “This Confession Of A Homosexual Will SHOCK YOU!!!”

  1. So, you should stop loving people for who they are and focus on whether they have the genitals as you. Stop supporting people for the decisions they make and make them become the puppet on strings for God. Beautiful messages!

  2. Shocker…when he said, my mother, i was like..what, she is very young, thought it was he's younger sister….lol ,keep it up mama, you looking great..Thank YOU BLESSED LORD YASHUA KING JESUS FOR THIS DELIVERANCE…AMEN

  3. Homosexualism and lesbianism  has taken over the western world unfortunately, even straight people are sympathetic to those who indulge in such shameful act. Westerners need to return back to the ways of their fathers, who once loved and obeyed God sincerely. " the backslider in heart is full of his own ways, but the godly man's life is exciting" Proverbs 14:14

  4. I am really sorry if I have said tins about TB Joshua, what I have seen his ministry doing to help people. I most say he is God sent. The late woman burial nd the young boy the robbers killed his mom nd siblings nd slice his throat. You are good

  5. As a Christian, we must love all of theml,although we may disagree with their lifestyle as it is forbidden in the Bible.God created Adam and Eve,not two men or two women.I am praying so that God can deliver all of them,in the name of Jesus!

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