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  1. Jana spent her whole life raising her younger siblings while the parents did little themselves. Is it any wonder she's the eldest daughter and single. Also of course the father doesn't want her to leave. They'd have to care for their own kids. Detest the parents they are complete hypocrites

  2. I’m sorry but I’ve got a feeling that Michelle is gonna leave Jim Bob eventually. Sounds impossible but I get the vibe that she isn’t happy w him. He’s a terrible father AND husband.

  3. Her parents really don't want her to leave till the next oldest daughter can take over raising the younger ones. As for education her parents are against the idea! Because thet are trying to build there fake religious cult by ysing there own first to start it and jim bob expects to have 100 grandkids to keep his cult growing as well as all the money he makes from tv and hus family gets nobe and I mean none it's all his money. Somebody help these kids put there parents in jail and stop this cult already! Thus freaks up spring up everwhere. They are trying to make woman sex slaves and have non stop babys and be slaves to men and have no mibd of there iwn. There poor kids don't know anything about the world outside there parents home. Michele had a normal childhood. She dressed in normal clothes abd went to party's and went dancing abd prom and was a cheer leader abd did lots of dating and SEX too! She had a bad break up and started dating jim bob who took advantage of her to train her the way he wants her to be. And married her at only 17yrs old she was to young to understand anything and her parents should have stopped her. Si her kids never had the opportunity to see and enjoy life. No music no tv no moves no hanging iut wuth BOY's and girls. No regular school because of fear they'll learn how the real world lives. They wouldn't let them read book on history and science to know what happened in the world. Only there fake bibles. It's going to taje a long time for those kids to see what they missed out on in life. Hope Amy can help a little by telling them whats out there. Ginger has a giod husband that waited to have kids and get to know one another first and was smart to move away from the duggers to shiw ginger what the real world is all about. Glad to see her in pants maybe a bathing suit next who knows maybe college and a career up the road. He husband seems to be there for her.yes he's religious but not like her family's fake religious cult. Hope the other follow suit.very happy for ginger!!!

  4. Jana if u choose not to. Marry don’t u be happy u are so pretty smart u be what ever u want if u go to school a career u want to travel jessa is always been a bullied u make what ever u pink tickle if them rumors about u are gay who cares u be happy u are our Jana be your self u are so smart if u want to be a teacher a astronaut or live in the White House make sure we will vote for u to be president we love u Jana we love Kendra u guys make a nice family

  5. Of all of them I think Jana is my favorite! If she prefers the company of women let her be it’s her choice, my daughter found she did and I have never seen her so happy, we are happy for her and we also adore her partner and have accepted her into our family, we couldn’t imagine the family now without her! She and my daughter really balance each other out in everything the do and they have accomplished so so much together! Open your minds and hearts people and don’t judge so quickly

  6. We’re going to soon see a rebel from this girl. She’s gonna have a tell all book of Duggar Arcana, then she’s gonna cut and dye her hair, get a freedom tattoo, and kiss her girlfriend in front of all the Bible belt. And the Evangelical Baptistery of rural America is going to scream that’s its yep the final message of the Lord’s finally return.

  7. How dare Jim Bob make fun of Jana 4 being single she's not in a hurry 2 marry or have kids like her siblings these parents need 2 stop controlling there adult children. Ur a chauvinist Jim Bob who look down on women may I much an uptight person like ur Michelle what u do and say about certain things is very unchristian thing 2 do

  8. Tim Tebow an NFL star?????? Don't think so, no NFL team would offer the guy even a cup of ice water, if he showed up on their doorstep, "keep on movin' Mr Nobody, you're on private property"

  9. Michelle sister is gay so Michelle got 19 kids so one of them might be can understand y people who are christisn do not like people who are gay gods make them all so y pick one of is daughter Jimbob you a hipocrit . God bless jana she is great lady

  10. If she leaves who would watch all these kids. Because the older kids are the ones that raised the younger ones. I’m wondering why they needed a mom and dad. If Jana is gay, I say good luck girl. Get on with your life and let your dad control someone else. Move on get out of there.

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