39 Replies to “The Untold Truth Of Don Jr.’s New Girlfriend”

  1. 1:17 No one bats with three inch heels..obviously just a publicity photo. Oh poor girl had to work to pay the bills..and she was modeling…..not working in walmart…oh the poor thing…and Im guessing daddy didnt give her a cent…now people like her should be working as TSA agents…then they CAN ask daddy for some money.

  2. No good. Anybody who lives his wife on many years with children is a moral week man and a egoistic person who thinks about his only welfare.It's sad that this happens to many times today. People are to individualistic and put their children on second place. The damage they cause to the children is going to effect their future relationship with people and how they will conduct their lives. It's very serious business to have children and to bring them up in the best way possible without causing any trauma that will compromise their development.

  3. All comments responding to the optics, no real factual personal details known except maybe the 2 socially advantages marriages , now an intimate connection to the White House and a desire to work for the administration. I suppose we could say she's a social climber , but would we if she was a man. Mmmmmmmm but going with a Trump , personally I think her values might be a bit iffy. 😏

  4. I am NOT a fan of Kimberly. I strongly disliked her on “The Five,” although I hate shows with that format. But if a man would’ve behaved like she did on that show the MeToo’ers would’ve complained en masse.

  5. The truth is Kim is a him, just like manlania and what’s the vampires sons name, eric whos married to a transgender too. Funny how the family that’s very anti 🏳️‍🌈 but they all live it, even that stinky ivanka who is married to a fake male, have ya heard Jared kushner speak? Lol did he ooops I mean she never went thru puberty

  6. She had all the money she needed. Power. Now she has that, too. Or so she thinks. President Trump's been around. He won't let her get too close. She's poison and he knows it. Newt Gingrich in a dress.

  7. So sad Don Jr's marriage is over. Please make it work for your children's sake! Children needs their own father and mother not "replacements". Think of your children not of yourselves. Extremely sad!!!!!!!!

  8. Did you ever see the All in the Family episode where Archie Bunker picks up a transvestite in his cab?
    I always thought he (she) looked just like Kimberly Guilfoyle.

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