37 Replies to “The Untold Truth Of Amy Roloff's Boyfriend”

  1. I can't believe that Chris isn't worried about his future with Amy. She seems soooo bitter when it comes to Matt. Even today – after 3 years of divorce, she still harps on and on about Matt. …complaining and sending "shots" at him. Chris – you better hope you never dump her….she's a handful.

  2. How do people just hop from one person to the next? There are SO many toxic people out there, Not sure how these folks just go from one person to the next so easily- no time to heal, or find your childhood wounds which brought you to a bad relationship. Just hop on to the next person. Very confusing how they just attract next,next,next when healthy people ( or people who want to be healthy) actually wait and are alone. Not sure what to make of it except to say that personality disordered people usually use people ( relationships) to fill a void within they desperately want to avoid, so people are crutches to avoid facing inner pain/trauma etc. and if that’s not the case then I wish them the best, but I don’t see either of their new relationships working because neither of them took time to heal anything really that lead them to be in a shitty marriage. Not to mention their kids saw a model of two parents who had a lot of antagonism towards each other and that won’t lead them to be in healthy relationships either. But I wish them well so whatever!

  3. They deserve each other…
    Amy is a mean spirited, ungrateful shrew and this guy is just a Male Gold Digger.
    Matt is a genuine, kind, loving person who turned to another woman when he couldn't take any more of his wife's piss poor attitude and emotional abuse.
    Amy is NOT a nice person.

  4. Amy may have come off "adamant" about her ex and current boyfriend getting along because she probably WANTED Matt to be jealous, causing himself & Amy's new boyfriend to be at odds…. I'm a woman….. Women can be very PETTY like that.

  5. He seems unatatched and uncommitte realy ro her. Too quiet and unwelling to truly commite his heart soley with Amy. Keaving her alone to call sineone while he was suppose ti be with her the whole time, leaving her Alone, like hiding? Made me very suspicious! How werid. I hope je dont hurt her, she dint need mote betrayal

  6. I don't trust this guy. If Amy wasn't a public figure he wouldn't give her the time of the day.
    If he never married up to this age he won't change his mind…. and IF he did that would make me suspicious too! lol.
    Amy is a wonderful really good person she deserves better than just someone to hook up with her without real feelings. I hope he won't break her heart but i'm afraid he will

  7. Emy in my opinion was with Matt an unsympathetic wife, a disaster, little affects the cleanliness, disorder throughout the house, clothes and papers came to the kitchen, when in that place has to reign hygiene because it is where you lunch, tea and dinner , in episode I saw her brush her teeth in the kitchen, when I should do it in the bathroom,.. Matt always worked on the farm, with his disability and his little health did a lot to make the farm out what it is today

  8. i didnt like when they went on the motorcycle trip and he just uped and left her stranded without telling her where he was and he was gone a long time and had a flimsey excuse when he did get back and she let him get away with it. what if someone had hurt her.she knew no one there and had no idea if he was coming back.who does that?that would have done it for me he would be long gone from my life by now .she acted like it was ok when she was worried when he left but for some reason didnt make a big deal out of it

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