6 Replies to “The TRAGEDY of Female Hypergamy: Reporter Suicide Over Married Man”

  1. Get off the "attractive" factor, brother, when you're describing a man off the marriage reservation with two other women. Very likely looks weren't all that important to him while their heads were bobbing where his wife's wasn't.

  2. What do you mean by "the tragedy of female hypergamy?"
    There are millions of good, loving, honest, hard working, kind, honourable, devoted men out there, who are passed up by women all the time, because they're chasing the rich, good looking dick, who'll use them like the shit they are. Hypergamy simply illustrates the incredible selfish, superfical and materialism of the overwhelming majority of women within the west.
    Who gives a flying fuck about this woman? SHE WAS HAVING A FUCKING AFFAIR with a married man, which showed that she didn't give a shit about his wife and the sanctity of marriage and union between a man and a woman to create and maintain a stable, loving family. And what's even worse is that she committed suicide because the alpha she was banging, was banging another, meaning she wanted him all to herself and no doubt was pressuring him into divorcing his wife so she could marry him and of course, the big pay day when she files for divorce.
    Fuck her and good riddance I say. I just hope all the other adulteresses out there follow suit.

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