23 Replies to “The Most SHOCKING CONFESSION Ever Heard In CHURCH!!!”

  1. These peoples forms and bodies twisted are faces changes. Not out of acts. But possessions and.what's hidden ? Has to be revealed and gone! Satan brought to an open shame. And kicked out again and again in Jesus name. What and awesome God we serve..

  2. Thank you Jesus christ of Nazareth! Thank you God of prophet TB joshua….. Thank you Emmanuel tv! Am greatful lord for the life of prophet TB joshua….. Thank you Jesus….. Emmanuel……..

  3. am sorry, I've been attacking others on being sceptical about what this man is saying, but after getting to the part of where he mentions Buddhism and a headless man pouring blood into peoples hands to drink? I had to cut the video there. Buddhism is not a religion that is a cult like he says. the Buddha has nothing to do with drinking blood. I have no choice but to say that this man has been through so much in his life that reality is convoluted with imagination, I pray he is ok from now on

  4. This is the most insane story. It’s like, all the stories in his story are dreams. How can all of these happen to one person? I can’t believe he would even accept to do all what he has said, like, common, you don’t have any conscience? We have to be really careful about who we associate with because we don’t know how devilish their background is.

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