3 Replies to “The Marine Kingdom Spirit Husbands and Spirit Wives Dr Pat Holliday”

  1. Thank OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN for our Invincible, Anointed, High Functioning Genius Commander..PRESIDENT TRUMP! I cannot even begin to fathom the super human strength, durability, resiliency, integrity, foresight, intelligence, fortitude, humility, empathetic, honesty, JESUS LOVING, GOD FEARING and over all AWESOMENESS OF PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  2. Lol!!! Yall wanna act like trump is a saint… But he talked about grabbing women by the Pusey and not to mention the petophile case of a 13 year old girl that just so happen to be swept under the rug… Lol you edomites are a joke, you misrepresent and misinterpret the bible by adding you own white ideology!…. False prophets! Edomite babbling

  3. What does Obama administration have to do with to being martered… People have been martered for 100s of years before president Obama was in office?!! All the other presidents before him have been corrupt and evil and anyone with common sense knows that these presidents are not that ones in control, they are just puppets!! All I hear is this wench praising trump who is a known racist! And if she is so prophetic how come she don't know that the real Hebrew Israelites are the so called negros here in amerikkka, false teachers of the word!!! The church will not get captured until the LAST trumpet sounds…. The bible says " THE LAST TRUMPET SOUND" which means the church will be down here going thru the tribulation period! The rapture is not coming until after the last trumpet sounds.. NOT BEFORE! And Israel is not a location… Its a people who have been enslaved for 400 years hear in amerikkka! The negros, the Hispanics and native americans, the dominicans, haitians…. People of color. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE MAKING A VIDEO. Lieing prophets!!

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