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  1. Addiction is way more complicated than AfterPrisonShow seems to think it is. When you are addicted to opiates, especially hard stuff like Heroin, Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Methadone, or Suboxone, it's not longer about will-power. It doesn't matter how guilty someone feels, or how much they might love someone else. When you're going through full-blown withdrawal your brain perceives your condition as potentially fatal and does everything it can to make the pain go away. Blood pressure skyrockets, heartbeat running like a jackrabbit, and you flip back-and-forth between cold and clammy to hot and sticky in waves . Your brain is telling you that everything hurts. Every muscle, every joint. You can't sleep, you toss and turn. Your sense of smell gets jacked up for some reason and everything stinks just awful…including yourself.

    Your tough so you stay strong and put up with it…the first night. You toss and turn at night but can't sleep. Then the second day comes and its worse than the first. Your last dose of whatever is now REALLY starting to wear off and as bad as you felt yesterday now its twice as bad. As the second day moves into the third your extreme exhaustion kicks in and now in addition to everything else you're falling into a deep deep depression. All this and its on been THREE DAYS! The physical discomfort doesnt really start to subside for about two weeks, but your brains chemistry will take months before its anything close to letting up on the extreme depression and misery.

    Now remember that while youre going through all this all it takes is ONE slip up to turn everything back to square one. If you hurt yourself and need a pain-pill, or find a bottle in your friends bathroom, or get a kidney stone, or just plain give in and buy a bag..you go back to the very front of the line as if it was your first day all over again. People will do this several times before just giving up. Getting 100% off all opiates is an absolute nightmare and possibly that hardest thing a person can ever do in this life time.

    People who have never going through it have a really hard time understanding why people can't just suck it up and have some willpower and quit. It's as if they see opiate withdrawal as something like military boot camp or a marathon, sure it sucks but you just bite down hard and power your way through to the end and after you reach the finish line youre done and everything is okay. Nothing could be further from that. After you kick you still spend the rest of your life wanting opiates so friggin bad it hurts. And to add insult to injury someone in your life will eventually need opiates. When you see a friend or family member who maybe fell and hurt themselves or had some kind of minor injury or surgery and are given Percocet or something and they are telling you how good they feel it just guts you at the core. No idea why but you cant stand to see someone else high on opiates while you can never touch them again.

    Like I said, its complicated. The most appropriate example ive heard is Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, when Yoda tells Luke Skywalker "BEWARE! For once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny!" So true man, so so very true!

  2. I banged heroin oxy and morphine tell I was about dead and everything I owned damn near was in the pawn shop my mom said she was gonna quit talking to me so I woke up one day flushed all my drugs down the toilet laid in bed and sleep other then getting up for water and bam sober

  3. Drug addicts should be sterilized. No child should have to be born addicted to drugs and suffer withdrawal as well as mental and physical disabilities because their mom was so dumb that she got knocked up 4 times all while using. They don't even live with their own mother because she is an addict. Their all separate and that's pretty fucked up.

  4. Thank you to both you and to her for sharing this insight into the drug lifestyle. Hopefully your friend was able to get into a rehab program or something to get herself clean as she sounds like she could make a really good go at the sober life.

  5. I shot up heroin for 2 years I’ve been on methadone for 1 year!! So I’m basically clean I’m trying so hard to lower my methadone dose. God helps me everyday 😞 I believe in this.. I can do it! But I don’t live this life anymore..

  6. Honestly though, drug addicts (who voluntarily took that first dose) are probably the most gullible/nonsensical people on earth. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I took heroin?

  7. Wow… traded her good phone with the videos of her kids for "a 30"
    What do you think should happen to drug addicts who don't want help? Who just want to continue using no matter what?

  8. Just smoke weed…. I know it’s not for everyone but it’s the safest choice if you feel like getting high.. or for anyone struggle with opiate addiction try using kratom.. it’s legal and just a ground up leaf put in a capsule and it produces the same feeling as an opiate. I know people that have quit opiates and even H using kratom. Google it or you can even buy it at your local head shop. Do it before the pharmaceutical companies ban it

  9. Just to let you know, the chance of passing hep c onto a baby is less than 5%. So yes, there's still a chance but it's no where as high as anyone thinks. Shit, baby boomers have a high rate of hep c (well higher than a lot of groups) because of blood transfusions (before they were checked like they are now) & most of their kids didn't get it.

  10. This young lady will look like she is 55 years old if she is alive in 5 years! Her life is as easy as it will ever be because she is easy on the eyes and has a great body…all of the easy living will be gone soon at the rate she is using and what she is using! And she has 4 children!! I really hope she finds real help!

  11. And they did all eat and were filled, and they took up of the broken meat that was left 7 basketfulls. The number of those that did eat were four thousand men, besides women and children. And he sent away the multitude, and took ship, and came into the coasts of mandala.

  12. Full flight from reality. Man thank God for getting locked up. I would have never got clean. Thank God my family picked me up and took me straight to a strict men's sober living house. Heroin destroyed my soul and caused so much pain. A pain that I am grateful for. I'm a heroin addict and have been clean for 3 years. I'm so grateful for this journey it has made a real man out of me. I have lost so many friends/brothers in active addiction and recovery. These aren't bad people. These are sick people that need to get well. God bless. I'm going to start a YouTube channel. I just want people to know life is so much better sober. I still have life's obstacles and things I want to achieve but I've learned the grass is greener where you water it. Not on the other side.

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