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  1. Episode 4: Why has nobody brought up the possibility that this rebellious, drug using teenager was huffing gasoline in her bedroom? It would explain why the gas tank was missing for two weeks, huffing binge gone bad. Also, the lack of damage to under her chin and neck suggests she had her head down. FREE KAREN BOES

  2. If you're looking for a couple of other stories about coerced/false confessions, check out 'The Innocent Man' by John Grisham. It's about a couple of men who were wrongly convicted of a murder in Oklahoma. There's also a compelling side story of another murder in the same region and 2 other men who were convicted based on bogus confessions. The way that the cases were investigated and how the confessions were obtained will INFURIATE you. The men in the main plot were exonerated, but the men from the side story are still in prison 30+ years later.

  3. This was the most difficult thing I have ever watched in my life, I can’t believe it , it fills me up with anger how these people were manipulated especially the 8th & H people

  4. Just finished watching all the episodes. America has the worst system in the world. Rubbish jurors. Cases take for ever to go on trial. Media is the demon. Police, lawyers only care about reputation. I still cant believe how stupid humans are. I'm stressing over this and i dont even live in America. What a rubbish government. The last episode down river really pissed me off, even the judge was confused if he was guilty. Like WOW

  5. Why aren't the piece of shit cops he'll accountable for mind fucking these individuals? The lowest scums of the earth to extract a false confession using fucking lies. If a confession is made BASED ON LIES then it's a false fucking confession.

  6. Only in America. Between this shit ,making a murderer and no doubt the tens of thousands of false convictions we never get to hear of… Absolutely maddening

  7. Well I'm just watching the confession tapes on Netflix
    It's just like watching making of the murder same stuff !!
    So atif and burns told the truth in the end but the judge already made up his mind so it didn't matter
    We live in USA forensics DNA matters yez?
    Or does it not??
    Or maybe they just don't want too look for the real killer cause they have 2young kids already in custody .
    DNA vs false lies from their mouth which is greater??

    Atif and burns should take a lie detector test since the judge and jury likes to believe In Verbal

  8. american policing is disgusting not to say the least, i cant even bring myself to watch the catherine fuller episode, just goggled and read the guardian investigation into it.

    How the hell are they allowed to get away with such shoddy crappy investigation, you would be struck off and crucified if this was the UK

  9. this series started good, but near the end they all started to look the same. It was like reading a story you already knew the ending to. then when you remember that these stories are real you just start to feel sad. and to think that this shit happens all the time. I just hope the prosecutors and the police officers involved in these cases have some real shitty karma coming there way.

  10. The motherfucker in the picture, put the lady in jail .because him not want to lose the opportunity to be a judge. WTF???? Thinking about it him is a judge now. Don't missing the E4

  11. OMG! It's guilty guilty guilty all the way for anyone who is tortured with lack of sleep; psychological manipulation; hypnotic repetition, etc. Interview tapes that are 8, 9, 10 hours long and more! In ''Down River'' a judge says after watching 8 hour tape he doesn't know either whether it was done on purpose, but the jury wins and the guy is still in jail after 25 years, plus some 100 more to go! In this case the man blamed himself so badly for what was proven to be an accident with a stuck gas cable …. that he just took the blame. He really never confessed, just said he was responsible for their deaths, he was a bad guy for the deaths of his kids and should go to jail for ever. WOW WOW WOW..

  12. It's quite disgusting watching this. Intimidation tactics, mental torture, ignoring evidence, lack of any hard evidence and so on.

    How uncomfortable watching those highly trained detectives pin people in the corner of a room and berate them until they crack.

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