26 Replies to “The Central Park Five: A cautionary tale of injustice”

  1. Is it me or does this story of these young men relate to the Scottsboro Boys who were accused of rape as well. Even after they found NO evidence from each of these men they still went to prison?? this was meant to diminish their character and blame them for something they did not do. It’s sad that this is the world we live in and that our children have to witness things like this. I’m glad that this story is being told because this still goes on today and it is very important to educate the youth on situations like this.

  2. This is a good example of why I don’t want blacks in my country. They defend their own even when they commit such brutal crimes as this and all the weak “allies” will pander to them while simultaneously selling out their own making everyone less safe in their home. No good comes of it.

  3. When Antron Mccray said his father was his hero and he gave up On him. My heart just broke. I couldn't imagine. We must do better for black men and women in our country. Because this is disgusting. A lot of people deserve to spend there lives in prison for these men. I hope one day you 5 men find peace ♥

  4. If anyone ever feels trapped in a dark place you need to watch this. These men are an inspiration beyond words.corey especially you stayed true to yourself even when you couldn't see the light. Words can't even jusify your strenght and courage! God bless you all. Thankyou for sharing your horrific journey and showing the world how to stay true

  5. It's disgraceful that this can happen to innocent people. You just want to destroy everything that exists because no one believes you. You have to get on with it, but you'll never accept it.

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