40 Replies to “The Brave Confessions of an Ex-Feminist! – Freedomain Radio Call In”

  1. I have been watching a lot of Molyneux videos and now Youtube is full of tabloid style angry screaming women thumbnails. Why did you have to use that kind of imagery so much!? It is embarrassing as it makes my friends wonder what kind of misogynist stuff am I watching when they see my youtube front page.

  2. I want to marry this woman.. she is the exact female counterpart to my journey.. if she rewatches this and wants an understanding conservative minded man my email is Rodeoqueenmetal@gmail.com

    forreal though if you see this reach out.. rational, family oriented loving men are out there and we are suffering just as bad as the good loving conscientious intelligent women out there.. let's make smart, well adjusted children together..

    I in my early 20's fell victim to the same kind of brainwashing.

    please Lord God in heaven her or someone of like mind reach out to me.. I'm battling extreme nihilism, I want a loving woman to raise 2-3 smart critically thinking children with..

    im not a tall man but I promise my morality and heart are more than enough to make up for it..

    here I am praying in textual manner. ugh..

  3. Listening to this poor girls struggle as a teen just makes me even more concerned with these progressive approaches to everything. She thought she was transgender? So many kids are lost and don't know who they are and this "anything goes" mentality isn't helping them, it just makes them all sicker/lost.

    Also, I like this chick. She seems like she's really come around and is getting on the right path. I'd be her friend.

  4. Wow. Totally relatable. I could come home high as a kite if I was not late and they would say nothing. Five minutes late and sober and I was the devil incarnate. Talk about bizarre parental messages

    Oddly enough my mother is obsessed literally with getting Trump impeached. I'm conservative middle. She tries to bait me into fighting words but I simply say I respect your right to hold that opinion. I like being happy so I refuse to argue opinion ever about any topic. Facts yes opinion no.

    Sending a White child to an all black school is child abuse. Sending a pretty white girl is attempted murder.

  5. My school was mostly white nearly half Mexican and one black guy. That black guy was the most popular kid in school. Very interesting to compare the two experiences.

  6. Dam from wear you guys get perants like this wtf fighting over politics 😀 in me country we never do that on each election ppl read a lot wach the news then ases situation and then pick candidate if that candidate fail the people in those 5 years we thust replace him with votes 😀 her mom is political radical at the Left 😀 like rasist are political radicals at the right but left putting all ppl who supports right rasist and that show's how left are far far gone.

  7. I really dont understand how you can get treated like that,basically how society treats men and then become a feminist and try to get the same benefits as a man you all ready see how society us why would try to go back to that

  8. Really good revealing convo with someone – never understood why people would plaster themselves with terrible tats for example etc, and turns out they don't know either! Who knew! Great interesting convo 🙂

  9. I grew up in a time in the UK where when young left was literal destruction of the country, right came in and led the charge to period of great wealth creation for the rich, followed by left which continued wealth creation for the rich, but also hospitals which means we went into debt like money is free, and now we have a situation where debt is crazy and both left and right are equally crazy & unelectable and we are a shambles. Bonus for recognising the country. Anyways good vid – just sparked when she went through politics as a kid.

  10. Feminism is Cancer – every country with Feminism is dying – Crashing Birth Rates, Women Vote Left Wing and create Feminazi laws supporting Divorce Rape, Paternity Fraud, False Allegations, Baby Murder (Abortion), heavy taxation for bigger Welfare State and Mass Immigration (which ruins cost of living). Women control voting majority as they kill men years early via stress, pressuring them to work harder jobs and longer hours to provide for them (monks and nuns have similar lifespans), husbands get financially destroyed by cheating ex-wives who steal their house and lifelong alimony, widespread Paternity Fraud (1/3 kids tested have wrong father, eg. MoneySupermarket.com founder Richard Mason), men are 80% of suicides and divorced men are 10x more likely to kill themselves than divorced women, False Allegations without due process protection (Title IX), institutionalized male gender discrimination eg. negative media stereotyping, affirmative action hiring practices, anti-male college culture, even 60% harsher sentencing for the same crimes (white vs black sentencing has 10% disparity by comparison). History will judge Feminism as worse than Nazism and Communism combined in terms of the long term damage and decline of western civilization.

  11. I am 25 and the problems she brings up as far as dating would be big flags to me but if presented as she does here its a workable issue, I can promise the parents will run this into the open with any conservative she brings around and he will see the flag and probably run. Get out move to a different region the struggle will be worth it.

  12. The way she talks about her time as a sex worker reminds me a lot of when I first joined the military, this feeling of I might die in the next year, so I'm going to do as much as I can as fast as I can and damn the consequences.
    Of course this caused all sorts of problems in my life and the life of my friends.

  13. A long slow clap
    Woman, you are still young, so you can still grow. You realized the foolishness of your ways, and changed them, which isn’t an easy thing to do.
    Forgive yourself. Don’t let your past taint your brighter future.

  14. Listen to these stories she's telling about how intolerant those liberals are.  I have seen this in the work place too.  They have absolutely no problems voicing their views even though there is an unspoken rule in the work place that politics should not be discussed.  They do it as if it's ok (but it's not ok because it's an unspoken rule), while anybody with a conservative view is expected to keep quite.  They just can't handle it when somebody has a different view, while they expect conservatives to tolerate their views.

  15. Is this an intelligent woman that has difficulty talking to normies? They've tried to kill her for her intelligence… her surroundings are full of evil and low IQ people. The problem was not her… it was the people around her and their hate.

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