29 Replies to “Sweet Celebrities Who Married Awful People”

  1. Robert Kardashian was a 'sweet celebrity'? I vaguely remembered him from the OJ Simpson trial when he died in the early 2000s. And when that shitstorm was going on in the mid-90s, his close friendship with OJ and his being part of his defense team didn't exactly paint him as a sweet person.

  2. Mariah is very sweet. Just because they call her a diva doesn’t mean she is. She may shade someone once in a while but it’s always has a reason. Would you let someone call you fat and not say anything about it? Would you let someone steal something that you’ve been working on? I think the fuck not. She’s the voice of a generation that clearly does not deserve her. She career has lasted 27+ years so let her live her goddamn life. She doesn’t need prove anything anymore because she’s literally done it all.

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