33 Replies to “Stevie T Confessions”

  1. I just write crap on my mind on Facebook. I kinda hate it, but helps me get stuff off my mind like "is there a midget breaking into my house to sh*t on my keyboard?"

  2. I would block a production schedule. If they want two to three videos a week, create some funny short subject videos (not hard, especially for you) and in the meantime be working on a third long-form video.

  3. Stevie keep making your videos the way. Screw YouTube I didn't see a new video once a month and a bunch of crap. Some of my favorites are the American idol ones o.m.g they're so funny. Please Don't go changing way you do stuff. I watch all your videos over and over again and I never get bored with the old ones. Make great quality videos not crap. Your friend JB

  4. oh my goodness I could never get sick of these videos. I've been on laughing rants this past couple of days.
    it's a sad truth that social media's consumed most of the time and energy of people in this generation, but whether we'd like to admit it or not, we've succumbed to its grandiosity and development. I love my games and the variety of content you deliver in a HILARIOUS manner. I'm also really into music and I see that you offer ways to build your own studio within a certain budget, which is so helpful for me right now. I know this is an old video of yours, but thank you for it!
    you will forever rawk our socks off <33

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