25 Replies to “Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions: XVIII”

  1. Stephen Colbert, you (and I suppose your writers) are my hero.
    My favorite: "When I was a child I had a lot of imaginary friends. They were real people, I just imagined that they were my friends."

  2. Nice to see everyone out of their safe space! bet you all got lots of coloring done over the Christmas break! So very cold how about that hot coco hope you all got a box of tissues handy.

  3. Oh my their is an audience I find it hard to believe! brainwashed sheep must of bought their tickets months ago sad I feel sorry for them and for Colbert lying to his audience not his fault he just follows orders from China are is it Russia maybe Japan who can we blame!!!

  4. Ever since Election night I've had to change my 'Religious Affiliation' answer on paperwork from 'Atheist' to 'Paranoid Agnostic'. Because While I don't know what might be out there.. Trump's election is proof that there is something… and it's out to get us!

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