32 Replies to “Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions, Vol. XXXVII”

  1. Colbert confesses… HE DOES HAVE a Trump blow up doll in his basement with the BIG dildo on front! THAT WOULD EXPLAIN SO MUCH. Colbert is a leftist shill, and anti-American hate channel. This guy went from kinda funny to definitely delusional, in just one year. Sad.

  2. Thanks, Stephen. I’d meant to go to confession (hadn’t in 7 years- was planning to all week) and I had forgotten, because it isn’t on my couch, either. So you got me (in part) to the confessional, and it was sorely needed. Good priest and lots now to consider.

  3. I bought this book on amazon for hubby xmas gift.. we keep by guest bathroom toilet ,always fun to see people reaction when they come out , wtf did I just read lolololololololololol

  4. on the first "" sin "" …when he said "" now that i'm famous …. i found out that if you're famous you can g ""' ……….. i thought that he will say that you can grab a woman by the pu$$y

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