23 Replies to “Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions, Vol. XXXIII”

  1. Dear comment section, I have to confess something and I hope that I'll be forgiven
    I help cleaning after parties at home but I hide the remote control. Potted plants are my favorite place

  2. i know you dont hear this often sir, but i find you very attractive, and every day i pray your wife die so i can marry you. im kidding XD im just suck a big fan im 22 year old by the way, everyway i write fan letters can you can replay im start wondering if im sending them to the wrong person ><. i study comdie and want to become night host like you brother

  3. Stench catholic liar falsehoods and a scumbag money whore.. for your JEW HANDLERS Bend over time to take it up your ass from your Jew boss…

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