37 Replies to “Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions, Vol. XXVII”

  1. u are a sunday worshiper! we Jews keep the one only true Sabbath. friday night sundown to saturday night sundown. its in the 10 commandments of moses to REMEMBER the sabbath day so u r violating Gods law by not keeping the correct sabbath. dont u research and see for urself or u just go with whatever pays u. fucking creeps

  2. even though these are funny, i must dislike them because at their heart they promote religious superstitiousness. religion is humanity's greatest threat to survival.

  3. breaking news once again so much is happening hard to keep up. all those who witnessed John podesta giving Hillary's concession speech not. have decided to commit suicide and Mass. Hillary Clinton was asked about this moments ago. well I have to apologize Hillary stated I should have given the concession speech to all my supporters in The Help of leading to healing of the American electorate and for the parties to mend hard feelings and that we shall all stand together as true Americans period and continue the fight four Democratic principles. working together in Congress to bring about things that are important to you and the American Democratic Party we will work with this president as is our tradition as American citizens and bring about the changes necessary that we have campaigned on in spite of the fact of losing the presidential election I take full responsibility period but not all is lost our party and our cause is strong as ever before will continue the discourse and debate and bring about our agenda to Washington in the midst of this loss we had still much to do and let's not forget 2018 midterms 2020 we shall once again fight the good fight and finally win the White House. so stay positive and upbeat and continue your hard work towards the goal of bringing about Democratic policies to Washington DC thank you God bless you. the reporter asked Hillary Clinton immediately well why didn't you not say these things the night of the election it would have helped the country amend its hurt and disappointment in your loss. well I guess I've been selfish most of my life I was pissed and I got drunk and I sent John podesta out there I just don't give a fuck anymore really and all those motherfuckers that voted for me fuck you you didn't do your job I hope you all rot in hell I was supposed to win the election you motherfuckers half of you didn't even vote and half of the illegal stayed home. what the fuck I hope they do commit suicide they're worthless pieces of shit anyway yes we in the Democrat Party have murdered over 65 million potential Democrats plus their children potentially their children since 1973 sadly we have lost the numbers of Democrats we need without cheating in the elections and bringing illegals in and having dead people vote. when asked if Hillary would run in 2020 she stated unequivocally you goddamn right I will. It's my fucking turn to be president Barack Obama promised me. then she abruptly said I must go I have to take a shit my Depends or wet and the shit is oozing down my leg as we speak and yes in case you're wondering Chelsea Clinton is Webb hubbell's daughter.

  4. breaking news breaking news Dennis Rodman now under investigation for colluding with North Korea sources say allegedly Dennis Rodman had sex with Kim on on the dinner table with other dead corpses laying nearby

  5. breaking news just in Megyn Kelly Under Suspicion for colluding with Russian president Vladimir Putin having spent more than 20 hours alone with him and several locations without being accompanied by any other staff or American presents as Witnesses to their discussions. unnamed sources confirm Megyn Kelly is under investigation along with President Donald J Trump. also during one of the tape interviews which was not aired imbc has been leaked. where Megyn Kelly asked Vladimir Putin if he had an opinion on American politics conservative or the far left American Progressive democratic Party. When asked this question Vladimir Putin paused asking Megan Kelly how do you say how do you say in English? bat bat bat batch is it that shit batshit crazy batshit crazy Megan continued yes batshit-crazy. the interview was immediately discontinued. NBC is now being sued for allowing this leak to occur and four the truth to be told about the American Democrat Party far left. stay tuned for more breaking reports Megan also unknown sources stating she may be charged with a crime of colluding with the Russians having spent so many hours alone with Latimer Putin and other top Russian officials. more to follow this just in breaking there is now confirmed Megyn Kelly and her co-conspirator are now Under full investigation by Robert Miller molar special counsel Oliver Stone is now suspected of being a Russian coluter trying to overthrow undermine American elections. Hillary Clinton now is Vindicated it's all true folks period she will now be president of the United States As Trump will be impeached and proof that she actually did win the election we've all been lied to Donald Trump is not the president of the United States but Hillary Clinton is. stay tuned for more breaking news

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