So Now, I Pee For Him

So Now, I Pee For Him

My wife and I discovered a large amount of Marijuana in our son’s room. We confronted him about it and grounded him.
I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with smoking pot now and then, but my wife has always put it up there with rape and murder. She insisted that we randomly drug test our son, which we have been doing for about six months now.

My job is to wake my son up early on ‘test mornings’ to collect his sample. My wife insists I watch him while he pees into this little plastic cup.

After one failed test, I decided enough is enough. Now, whenever my wife makes me go collect my son’s urine, I simply wake him up and tell him he is getting tested and then go pee in the cup for him. My wife then has MY urine tested and later praises my son for staying clean.

Sadly, I feel no remorse for lying to my wife about this, only that my son is aware of the lies.

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