50 Replies to “SHOCKING CONFESSION: Dark Secrets Of A London “Bad Boy”!!!”

  1. Every evil dreams attack in my life
    Every spirit of limitations
    Every spirit of poverty
    Every evil spirit that tormenting my life
    Every spirit that tormenting my career
    Every evil idol tormenting my business
    Every spirit that tormenting future
    Every spirit that tormenting my way
    Every evil spirit that tormenting me to cost me failure
    Every spirit that costing me setbacks
    I'm deliver in Jesus Christ name amen I received my breakthrough tonight

  2. The way he is talking hehehe. Lord how long has he been in London for because he is really trying to sound like a Londoner. Just speak normally brother you're trying too hard hahaha

  3. When people come to give their testimony and say Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!! The congregation don't respond. But when TB Joshua say Emmanuel and good morning church, everyone one response is defining. Hypocrite all you congregation.

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