48 Replies to “Secret Confessions | Brother & Sister Physical Relationship | Quick Reaction Team”

  1. so all decent guys …you dont have any option…. no girl want to talk to a decent guy…… they are just hypocrite……………..be successful, earn enough to be like the guy in 50 shades of gray…………………i am sorry everybody for making such a rude comment but thats what society is making a decent guy ……sorry once again…..

  2. “The guy who said if it’s a south Indian it’s ok can continue cousins having sex” is the biggest dumb fuck, not sure who told him that in south India it happens ?

  3. who said that you can marry your cousins dumbass,may be true in other south indian states,but in kerala you will be thrown out,we are even culturally superior to you cowdung sanghis of North,culturless shits from north

  4. ओ कौन ऐसा चीज है जो लड़को के पैन्ट के अंदर होता है और लड़कियो के पैन्ट के अंदर नहीं होता …ans पर्स ask this question for guise

  5. pls pls pls ask why do girls block boys in social media.does that mean boy should stop approaching her or should try to approach more.and do girls kind of act as if they dont like a boy , but in real they like him n want him to come behind them like mad.

  6. WTF man who said in the south doesn't matter, we value our custom and tradition, this fucking shit Brother and sister Physical relationship is completely from North and they always say Bhen chod they like to have this kind of creepy stuff.

  7. I met a girl in my cousin sister's weeding i tried my luck on her nd she was impressed nd we came together then my mom asked me when did we become friends then i said we r in a relationship then my mom said she is my sis technically nd bcze of that she was pissed nd she slapped me nd said its all my fault that i tried on hr without knowing who she really is so my question was it all my fault??

  8. Ye bhn ki lodi sab ko creepy word ka mtlb toh pta nhi par cool lagne k liye bolna hi h.? English nhi bol paengi pr bich me phase ghusana jaruri h dialect chutiya h ekdum par American feel lana h. Chadarmod sab

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