8 Replies to “Sad news Rapper Eve makes a HEARTBREAKING confession about her father”

  1. Eve you are gonna be fine with out him you are beautiful and I love your songs for many years I was crazy about who's that girl you deserve to be happy he should be glAd you wanted him you are a beautiful princess .

  2. I hope the best for Ms Eve because we needed our parents an especially when you trying to find out what is going on because know one would just leave there love one especially your own children because I myself had 2dad one biological and the other my step dad and he did much better then my real dad but however threw both side I still had both love for each one that take prayers an fasting because that was not easy for both me an my sister and of course my mom but threw the grace of God it was done amen.

  3. Not me!
    There’s never an excuse to leave your child.
    Not unless he/ she was deceased.
    Funny how when your child has glowed up and is now so successful, Now ya wanna be in that child’s life.
    18 yrs of not being there , no child support and no phone calls.
    I personally would never accept his excuses.
    I wouldn’t be bothered with him at all.
    He’s just a stranger!
    Just cause you’re blood related doesn’t make you family.
    But, cuddos to Eve for working on forgiving her bio father.

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