RHOBH: The ‘Wives Are Nervous for the Reunion (Season 7) | Bravo

RHOBH: The ‘Wives Are Nervous for the Reunion (Season 7) | Bravo

See how they are each preparing for the final faceoff. Watch new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Tuesdays at 9/8c, only on Bravo! ▻▻Subscribe to Bravo on YouTube: http://bravo…


38 Replies to “RHOBH: The ‘Wives Are Nervous for the Reunion (Season 7) | Bravo”

  1. It's clear that you so not need to have a high standard level of intelligence!!!!They are either x has been actors who later married into money or rode the thunder of their former 15 minutes of celebrity to perhaps start businesses etc…
    All they do is argue fight N play school yard he said she said shit!!!They cry over stupid shit that most people have to endure and push through without cameras feeding their egos!!!This goes for every housewives t.v. show geography doesn't matter whether it's Beverly hills or Antarctica an idiot spectacle is still stupid!!!Someone died that they used to know so fuckung what a lot of people die why is their loss soo special and publicized????They once knew someone who committed suicide so fuckin what a lot of people have known someone who has died via suicide and they endure it without public attention!!!!
    To all you over implanted housewives everywhere "FUCK YOU ALL"!!!!The world can so without your stupidities!!!I only came across this on accident otherwise I wouldn't even bother !!!Just about every so called reality show isn't reality it's still an act!!!!
    The world needs you like the world needs religion both are false and stupid and ignorant as fuck!!!
    Straight up lame👎

  2. Rinna coz you are off your fucking head, and if you cannot tell u said Kim is close to death, u must have been on something, own it fucking mean girl.

  3. P.K. And his wife are the crowd favorite I mean Boy George is their Artist & best friend for goodness sakes they are awesome and the baby is cute !!!

  4. Dorit and Pig-K need to go! Doesn't she realise how stupid she sounds trying to do a British accent and failing badly! And he sounds like he is, just arrived from the East End market stall he runs!!!!

  5. Man if them old broads look that rough all made up, hair, makeup, jewelry,  what the hell must they look like when they jus roll out of bed in the morning.

  6. PK is right, Erika is cold and Lisa is unstable. Do not know why he was invited, maybe because Bravo knew the women will gang on Dorit, so if thats the case, then Bravo made a good decision. Kyle and LIsa VP stayed neutral on the whole ordeal, so bringing PK was needed. The other beasts (Eileen, Erika and crazy Lisa) are capable to jump on Dorit.

  7. I can't stand Eileen and Erika. Eileen is manipulative actress. Erika such a low class person. I love LVP. I feel sorry for Kim, she need help and support.

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