RHOBH: Lisa Rinna Makes a Major Confession (Season 7, Episode 15) | Bravo

RHOBH: Lisa Rinna Makes a Major Confession (Season 7, Episode 15) | Bravo

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27 Replies to “RHOBH: Lisa Rinna Makes a Major Confession (Season 7, Episode 15) | Bravo”

  1. I love how everyone forgets about four seasons ago Kyle’ actually said on Camera, that if Kim had another relapse she would die. But apparently it’s OK for Kyle to say it – but not Lisa.

  2. Lisa may be overly vocal at times but Tbh I love that about her, and yes she may have been wrong and over stepped her boundaries but what she said was the truth! If Kim continues down the road she's on she we die! Kim is an addict, she's lied her ass off through the last few seasons and she really was doing what she was being accusses of!

  3. You can always tell when Kim is sober or not because it really takes a toll on her skin when she's not. She looks beautiful here.

  4. If you guys aren't the up most entertained with Lisa R, you guys aren't watching at the right angle. She's a whole fucking character. She's one of those women who "acts" in there actual lives; never had a real nor half decent day in her life. Watch the show in a different lens

  5. I would of hoped that Kim would of smack her but I know Kim has more class then that if I were Kyle I would of been so mad I would of thrown her out of her party for looking Kyle right in the face and lied to her I agree with dorit Rinna look like she was the one high on something

  6. I feel like kim is only relevant because of her sis. I remember no one liked her before, but now everyone is jumping on Lisa for saying the truth …whatever

  7. Lisa big lips is two face no qualms there but wat i truly hate bout her is her judgement and putdowns to kim ( who i adore) bout her alcoholism. Lisas husband was an alcoholic so did she treat him the same way…probably not.. lisa if anything should've appreciated/respected and empathised kims disease, she instead drove her into the ground. Heartless

  8. I'm a firm believer in that old saying if you can give it you can take it! Kim is a nasty vicious woman she has no filter, and lets not forget Kim bringing up Lizas husband out of the blue, which was a low blow with gloves off! Lets face it maybe Lisa over stepped her bounds but it wasn't done with bad intent! In my opinion Liza exhibited restraint even when she went for Kims throat, slammed the wine glass shattering on the tableTheir are just some boundaries that shouldnt be crossed and in my book your husband/wife/family in general are all of limits and if you do decide to venture down that road…then it is what it is!

  9. Kim supported her whole family when she was a toddler, her mom didn't work, I believe, the pressures of this does a lot, mentally, one thing with Kims sister Kathy, she always supports her, I do believe she realises why kim has dependences, and it's her childhood, kim hurts her self no one else, Lisa R has her as her for her own story line, bravo should dump Lisa R, she brings trash to the show now

  10. Lisa lies all the time, then looks stupid when comes clean, she seems to have to have attention, kim here should of just said to bravo to continue my contract get LR off the show, or kim has no liason with her, she needs a good smack,

  11. haaaaahaa whola finally truth is out! but I can still likes her. i can't stand Eileen so boring, cunning, calculative person. Erica no personality.

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