RHOA: Things Get Fiery in Hawaii for the ‘Wives (Season 9, Episode 15) | Bravo

RHOA: Things Get Fiery in Hawaii for the ‘Wives (Season 9, Episode 15) | Bravo

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32 Replies to “RHOA: Things Get Fiery in Hawaii for the ‘Wives (Season 9, Episode 15) | Bravo”

  1. Trust me Kandi is not the one to be messed with because she is that chick on the low. SHe doesnt hide behind an audience or her husband for that matter. With all the BS porsha was saying I would have been just like that but Kandi is NOT stupid enough to drag somebody across the table because she knows her limit and she knows not to put her hands on nobody unless they put they hands on her.

  2. Todd ain't even try to take off her shoes..I don't do him nomore, they planned the trip now how they don't want to go to dinner..Does she hate Porsha and Phaedra because she can't be talking about the followers that she say she doesn't want to talk to…Chi boo, get your life!!

  3. just like Porsha said "you went back with our whole conversation and told the whole table" smh.. Whatever was said that day when Kandi and Porsha met should've got left there. if you need an audience to confront someone then you are a fake person. It's a shame these women can't go on a simple trip without foolishness instead of enjoying themselves they want to be messy. Life is too short for this nonsense

  4. Why does everyone see Porsha as the bad guy? None of them are damn different and it pisses me off. Kandi is all about the drama because those screenshot she took weren't necessary. Every damn week they come with the same thing plus Kandi can't do shit. I know Porsha will beat her ass. Kandi only knows how to flip up and can't defend her damn self but curse.. It's pointless. Kenya, no one is complaining about how she is and she's an ass but in the show, they are all biased. They act like a bunch of kids and its sickening. Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya are bias. Kandi is all for her family and no damn friends. Look at when Cynthia wanted to come stay with her until her house closed, she didn't do it with a willing heart, she obviously did it because she felt as if it was the right thing to do. Ya'll need to stop pointing fingers at Porsha. Giiiiiirrrllll, I love you let them KYA!!!!!!!.. As a matter of fact, this may even be something that's planned out to catch the audiences eyes anyway.

  5. Kandi is the realest ONLY wife on this joint! She's honest as they come. She admits to what she's done..so i really can't see her lying about simple shit..when she's already come clean about the big shit..Porsha the one looking like she making stuff up as she goes

  6. Ms porsha hoe-sha just made things up to cover her ass. She doesn't want to look bad so she planned with someone to spread rumors that Todd is speaking to her for Kandi to look bad… We see you miss little brain hoe-sha

  7. Whether what Porsha and Phaedra are saying about Kandi is a lie or not, let's not forget this whole mess started because of a LIE Kandi told about Phaedra and Kandi is becoming the worst hypocrite. She talks about people behind their back and says untrue things too. I feel like Phaedra only gives what is given to her. Yeah she's shady but it's all in her own legit right. And I'm not saying Porsha is right for being one-sided or not, but Kandi started this whole chain reaction.

  8. I feel so sorry for kandi daughter.Father's is very important to kids.I cry for my super daddy who pass 2008. He was a true sweet dad,my papa…will go to the moon and back to please his kids. Love you papa.Thanks for all your love and support.Can't imagine what Kandi and her lil πŸ‘§ going thru

  9. kandi is a damn sour patch kid always crying an always bitching when someone comes for her let's be real kandi can't keep her mom or the kandi coated sissy's in check she walks off when shit gets to real for her.

  10. I love kandi and all but I've notice kandi only pops off when there's alot of ppl to hold her bk…cuz when she was by herself with porsha and porsha was telling things and not hitting her tongue to kandi,,kandi took it and walked away…now all of a sudden she turnt up..cuz she knows there's ppl going to hold her or the other person she's popping off at.

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