Revenge Best Served Cold – Historical Feature plus Oddie True Confessions :)

Revenge Best Served Cold – Historical Feature plus Oddie True Confessions :)

Oddie’s Historical Feature – Re-edit with narration & additional content. Welcome to another ‘Oddie’s Historical Feature’! As well as looking at strange people …


26 Replies to “Revenge Best Served Cold – Historical Feature plus Oddie True Confessions :)”

  1. ObsoleteOddity….Well, in many of the places I've lived revenge involved bloodshed unfortunately simply because my last name started with Mc…

  2. Oddy you are the best! Thanks for eyes thanks you ?. Once again a very good story. And yes I have had a supernatural experience. Quite interesting and it had a little Indian child ghost or spirit, which ever you like to call them…. might be worth something. ?

  3. Well, yes, I have a revenge story! This girl that was living with us, almost broke up my marriage. She had just decimated my family in many ways. So I told my husband, " mark my words, paybacks is a mother effier! I told my husband that she would lose everything that was important, her family would disown her, and that her no.1 biggest fear was getting pregnat. Cut to some years later, I found out that yes, she lost everything. Her car, her dog, everything! Her family disowned her, and that yes, she did get pregnat!
    And everytime someone hears me say, mark my words, payback is a b*$ch, something happens. Every time!!!

  4. It's depressing about his fiancé marrying his friend. I sincerely hope she saw how much he'd lied. I hoped that would end better for Pierre. Poor guy wouldn't have done any of this if people weren't so coniving. And what happened to his fiancé who married the other guy

  5. My act of revenge was I slept with my sister's son's father the reason why is because she spit in my drinking water while I was pregnant with my first daughter an while was growing up her my mother an brother use to feed me epacat an wash my genitals with a white substance that gave me rash an blisters I sleep with him ten yrs later after I had stopped speaking to her the whole time before I slept with him she threw dirt on my name turned my young children at the time against me I have two girls one that i DNT deal with now she is 19 because she drank the kool-aid I got my mother back when I was 16 I hit her in the head with a can an burst her skull. She had to get Staples an stiches she never wanted me she was jealous of me she was mad my father an his family loved me (because she had no family or father an nither did my brother an sister have father) my brother I use to steal his money when I was a teenager I don't see or speak to any of them oh an at the Moment my sister has a Warrent for her arrest for threatening me about two yrs ago an doesn't kw it I will have it called in soon lol

  6. I like you oddie lol, I like to listen to your stories. Don’t take it wrong but it reminds me of listening to my grandfather who I miss quite often. He had a great sense of humor but he too was a wealth of information, great stories. I hadn’t thought about it but with all the crime stories and creepy stories, there are tons that could be brought from the past. The turn of the century has always given me a feeling like fear and dread but I’m not sure why. Maybe an unfortunate past life, I don’t know, but I love the stories. After awhile I’m starting to have already heard a lot of the more modern stories. These old ones are absolutely fascinating, can’t get enough. Like that poor girl who was locked away by her mother, what a transformation, she’d been so beautiful. And the girl whose bf drowned her, ugh that guy.. I love what you do! Please keep doing it! Maybe someday I will figure out why I see the late 1700s on up to the turn of the century as such a creepy, filthy, terrifying world lol

  7. That was brilliant Oddie!! But I would have expected nothing ,less by now! Lol….love the additions…little rats etc… the pictures you use and your narrative as usual is the icing on the cake with your lovely voice and tone. Thankyou yet again for a great story, and interesting to know it was this that gave the idea for the book The Count of Monti Cristo ….???xx

  8. I once exacted revenge on my sister. We had a quarrel before she went on an overnight trip. I decided to remove her clothes from her bag and did not even leave a single change of underwear. To allay her suspicions, I filled her bag with trash and toys. She had nothing to wear during the trip and she was so embarassed because she had to wear the same set of clothes for two days. Served her right for crossing me.

  9. I like stories of revenge. His only mistake is that he didn't kill Allut too. I wish Allut was not able to kill Pierre. I like that he wasn't a person who is " oh I'm not going to kill people, because it will make me a terrible person." NO! KILL YOUR ENEMIES AND THEIR LOVED ONES. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE CHANCE TO GET BACK AT YOU!

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