39 Replies to “Retired MI5 Agent Confesses On His Deathbed I Killed Princess Diana”

  1. Diana's death was a tragic accident and nothing more. I do not believe this 'confession' there are plenty of people happy to make ludicrous allegations against the royal family. If someone hates you enough they will do anything to twist events to make you look guilty and this is what is happening to the Royal family.

  2. A Confession of THIS magnitude with NO Apology??!?

    – Hellbound!

    We need Judgment & Discernment in ALL!

    The Windsors are Germanic Reptilians, and the Queen is Head of the Freemasons globally who ONLY SUBVERT National Constitutions!

    THUS, this was NOT serving Britain in the least!
    Make NO MISTAKE!
    It was serving demonic Reptilians who were (and are) guilty of much evil, satanic rituals which Lady Do wanted to EXPOSE to PROTECT British Nationals and yes…. TREASON!

    He lost his life AND soul, and his confession amounts to NOTHING, as he is trying to JUSTIFY himself – NOT apologize, is NOT in SHEER HORROR over his DASTARDLY ACTIONS, and has NOT in COMPUNCTION, REMORSE or PENANCE, begging for GOD s Mercy!



    +Queen of the South/

  3. Fuck this man . He kill great humble kindness woman. Fuck you man . You attack on woman ashame ashame and ashame for your mother she born you. I hope world remember you with bad words. Dirty man

  4. It’s sad but more cos of the British People didnt take any legal action against the royal family as far as I can see the British people are always been brainwashed by the royal controlled media…by now Diana’s two sons must have brain washed manipulated n trained in such way that they won’t seek for any truth about their mother..it’s sad

  5. Welp, i came here expecting a statement from the bodyguard in the car, or maybe one of the paparazzi’s who were chasing the car, but it turns out i just stumbled into the wrong corner of the internet

  6. Hmm, the driver decided to get drunk and drive, then the driver decided to go 100mph through a tunnel, everyone in the car except for the bodyguard decided to not wear seat belts……..oh but wait, MI-5 geezer planned it all out? Too many variables. Don't be stupid, people. Think about it for just one minute!

  7. Why didn,t they just let her sail into the sunset with dodi.  If what this guy is saying is true then nobody is safe in this country. This guy could just be suffering dementia.  True or not it makes you wonder.

  8. Union leaders? In my understanding no union leaders have ever been killed within the United Kingdom, so this fact clearly shows that this so called Mi5 person is full of BS.

  9. Have you ever noticed. The royle family, prime ministers and presidents all look like brothers and sisters. They are all related thats why. They originate from germany. Nasa came from germany too. The royal family are frauds. The woman who should be queen lives a normal life in the uk. Its crazy. The actual real queen is alive but does not dare speak up.

  10. This is the biggest problem we have in the world today. It's not the tyrants; it's the useful idiots who sign-up in droves to bully their brothers and sisters and kill their neighbors for medals, medallions, and money. Without the soulless henchman, tyrants would be out of business overnight. In fact, without the endless sea of dead-heads, who obey the orders of psychopathic tyrants and corrupt politicians (without question) – wars and world hunger would cease to exist.

    Tyrants aren't the problem: it's the unprincipled peasants who prostitute their integrity in order to get ahead. Stalin could not have killed 50 million souls without an army of soulless dead-heads, who tell themselves that they are noble creatures who are just obeying orders "For God and Country"!

  11. If this information is true and you say well I can't be proved well that can't be proved then it's just hearsay and therefore nothing could happen however if it would be found to be true the royal family also would be taken to court to talk about the president not being but not touched by the law neither with the royal family be immune from being touched by

  12. Assassination is as common as the cold. When a government or a monarchy is behind it there is no possibility of it ever being exposed. Life goes on. Now Diana's son, Harry, will marry, have kids and who knows who will one day order the death his wife.

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