No Broke Dudes – Why Women Love Men With Money Resources and Power

No Broke Dudes – Why Women Love Men With Money Resources and Power

In this video, the 19th vid of Video-A-Day Debruary, advice columnist Deborrah Cooper responds to four comments/questions posted on the Debsterism YouTube channel and on Facebook. These questions…


31 Replies to “No Broke Dudes – Why Women Love Men With Money Resources and Power”

  1. As long as there are women willing to take just about "any" guy, (broke, abusive, crazy) there will be plenty of those guys in the market.
    If nobody was going to take them, they will be working their butts off to get their crap together!

  2. Ms. Cooper: Here are my thoughts on heterosexual men who don't make much money (and I exclude the MGTOW who are hateful and are all about denying women): there are men who can function in the world and support themselves, but will never make a lot of money. They may be creative and caring, and willing to pick up the slack on the homefront. If a woman wants to be with a man who can support her plan to have children and be present for them, that's fine; she shouldn't feel guilty about excluding potential partners who can't provide that lifestyle. But there are women who would find value in poor dudes with redeeming qualities, and I don't think it would serve said dudes to try to "alpha up" if that's not who they are.

  3. Youtube want me to tone it down but…This shit make me wanna cuss for five minutes!
    Pieces of shit walking on two legs…whiny ass motherfuckers…Let me kill ya now motherfucker…don't waste air.

    I'm so loving this shit. Thank you Deb!

  4. "OFF LIMITS…"These women are the microphone for men. They are the mouth piece for the men who don't take ownership of not stopping outsiders from invading their relationships, These men open the gate with a sign that says "I'm actually single". They tell these manpleasers that they were not at fault and it's other women'sfault, He is playing the victim role call deflection…These women are the ones that will stalk other women that their man is hollering at.. smh..

  5. Ms.cooper have you heard that song by khiah (the woman who made that song "my neck my back) called "dont trust no nigga" she set that song on FIRE😮😮 GO listen to it😫😫

  6. First point  –   Several years ago,  my (ex) so-called best friend,  who has the same name as mine,  called my boyfriend and identified herself ONLY  by her first name. Apparently she was trying to imitate me.   She said he didn't respond until she told him  who she really was.  I realize that she only told me because whatever she was trying to do didn't work, and she wanted to tell me before he did.  She was right.  I didn't have to ask him.  He told me.  He and I eventually married.   She and I only had to clear up one thing:  Why was she calling him?  And we cleared that up!    BTW, This woman is married.   Women out there who are trying to control their man and every body else are going to run themselves ragged.  You can only control yourself.  If your man has your back, there's nothing to worry about.      Second point – The young man probably asked for your advice because there are not enough men out there giving men good advice or any  advice. And let's face it,   you give good advice and he knew it.    Not enough men are helping men deal with these issues.  A lot of men can't even bring  up certain views  around other men.  They'll get called names.   Third point  –  Men want to claim this is a patriarchal  society.  Maybe they need to look up the word patriarch.   You can't rule  with little or no resources, or from the bottom up.    Last point –  This only works on simple minded women.

  7. Oh now men want romantic love. Men don’t appreciate anything until it’s gone. Now they’re empty and insecure and realize the value of someone else genuinely giving a fuck about you

  8. Also I've seen on social media where there is some kind of slang phrase about "snatching souls" as it relates to sex. Can someone breakdown to me what that means?

  9. This was your best video so far ! Well at least for me it was ! I love your candid honesty. You said your in a bad mood when making this video, well I like that the best because you say it how it is and get the point across. You tube has something to say about that ? Seriously they should look into other videos that have actual bad advice, terrible content, and are disrespecting certain people. Just saying. But you keep being you because people love it!

  10. I used to listen to the lyrics of "Just in Case" by Jaheim and laugh…he was trying to convince her that he might not make it home tonight so they should "cherish each moment like its the last" 😂 simple translation=lets f*ck

  11. I'm thinking about just staying to myself about 10 or so more years til my son is much older. Then I'll worry about a man. Either they don't take single moms seriously, and pull stunts like those two or they get annoyed bc you're under time constraints as a single mom. So I just feel I need to hang it up all together for awhile. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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