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  1. Damn it's bad out here for married guys…nearly all these whores are secretly fucking young dudes through these apps and the internet. They are marrying the older guys and being faithful if you are successful and know what you're doing…but they are out here messing with these young guys who are in their sexual peak. Men hit their success peak late in life…but they hit their sexual peak in their 20's while women hit their sexual peak much later but they hit their success market place value young because usually more successful men would want to get with a hot young woman. But yeah these young guys not only are in their sexual peak these days…but thanks to google they know how to give these women good sex…so no surprise these women in their sexual peak are banging these young guys in their sexual peak and then still trying to lock down the more successful guys with resources. That's the reality. Thanks to the internet…women can just literally sit home while the husband is at work and shop for young horny guys online without even leaving the house…and then set up a date later…tell the husband she's going shopping and then she picks up some dick in the evening…comes home and the husband doesn't even know.

  2. I've read the article. This woman is absolutely pathetic. She does not even know that she's already in "uterus panic mode". She's right to enjoy the sex while there are still men wanting to work her. In ten years, she'll have to tap into the weirdos stock pile. Most certainly, she'll end her life as a drunk or a cat lady.

  3. I would love to see this women write an article explaining 'Emergency Three-somes'; What is it? What is it for? When can you call for one? The differences between an emergency three-some and a drunken fuckfest? She could probably write a whole series on the topic. Might even make something that's worth reading.

  4. Misdiagnosis is not only the bigger issue. But they would do anything in order to hide things. We have seen this over and over in the past with things like Lead that is well documented. (Thanks to Neil ) Now the other thing that needs a mention is that older women are going for Younger men just to boost their egos. And this might be the only reason why the White Knight syndrome still propagates.

    Now, I have to admit about the Vasectomy can be reversed these days. So, even then.. You can have kids. There is a surgical procedures that is expensive, but hell you want to have kids, so.. The expense of that is a mute point. Again, a man can do this at any time. And the problem is, WHAT WOMEN IS HE GOING TO DO THIS WITH?

    I mean if he is with a woman for the recovery time, he will soon see that she is not worth it. And quickly change his mind.

    That is why the Vasectomy is Kryptonite for a woman. She actually has to play good housewife long enough to be worth it. And that is something women can not keep up for longer then a few months. Let alone years.

    After about the 6 month point, men get all the signals they need to make the choice. He will feel HER desperation, and will see better options come into play.

    Once women are no longer the gatekeepers of fertility, it changes the whole dynamic into something that I foresee women taking legal action on men for not giving them babies.

    As soon as this becomes a reality and a last ditch effort for lawyers, its the end of women being mothers as we know it.

    The only place you are going to see any sort of fertility is in Africa the middle east. Cultures that don't practice as communities that foster relationships despite outside influence may be successful. But the horrors of the system we have in place today are going to make that a pipedream.

    Overall, the bread and butter of the female majority is going to dry up. And as men want to have children, other women that lost on the game are just going to push the families that are there in place with things like CPS, Men being acused of Pedophila, and just about any other tactic to dissuade men from being fathers.

    Add to the climate of how the kids will be raised, and then you get Margaret Thatcher's dream of selective reproduction on a scale only dreamed off.

    To women and men, this is only a benefit in the short term. But as long as the short term even gives men in the past that were traditionalist the cold hard truth of the fact that it does not work. The anger is going to not only push for the revitalization of feminism, Its going to be the monster that will never die.

    Anger is one emotion that men and women have not mastered. Add to the joy of suffering to see others feel the same pain, I don't see this not becoming a norm in the future till it becomes such a problem, governments full of women start opening up the doors for artificial wombs.

    When that no longer plays out due to economic conditions. And with men taking advantage of the Political climate that comes with having children with the facts that women have made it clear that single motherhood is a great idea, women are again, thrown farther and farther into knowing that not only do they have a bleak future? But they are going to have to come to terms that women overall are true slaves to their own vices.

    It's going to be either war, fear of contant death or harm to women that is going to turn the tide.
    Religions that foster the cold hard old ways of tradcons like Islam are going to fade eventually. But the overall is going to be seeing that at least in the modern first world the lack of caring to have children due to the conditions being so toxic to their upbringing is going to make way for a ton of men to retire before they have children. That way, there's nothing to lose at that point. And only women who are fertile, poor, and have no power over a man are going to be in the game.

    So in a way, poverty in 3rd world countries is going to be supplanted for men that want to have families where there is no economic benefit to screw over men. As these money hungry governments see that the wealth cannot be stolen, or taken with forms like a bank in their country, or homes being of little value as men do not squander their money on useless items besides toys and items for their kids. Its spells not only the end of poverty. But the extinction of children being used as economic venues to prosperity.

    Add to that sex bots, and you eliminate a large portion of child sex trafficking. But women again, are going to be the ones encouraging young males to have sex with them. The problem is, as these young men see what's going on, the women in this group also face a larger problem.

    What do you do with men that have been told that they are of no better use then a sex toy to women? If you keep pushing that, you come up with the inevitable. Older women are gross and of no value. Father pushing the narrative that women overall have no value then sex.

    Do this for a few years, and you just come back to where you started.

    Everything we have no is a self correcting problem. Its not to be worried about. And those of us that already have skin in the game have came to realize that there is no problem with what is going on.

    So enjoy your life.

  5. funfact:
    the chem used in botox, is the single most deadly substance known to man.
    its also a neruotoxin, it will poison your brain from the tiniest exposure.

  6. See this article whenever anyone asks why men no longer want to get married and whymarriage rates are plummeting in the west. This is what western feminist social policies has created.

  7. A big reason for the wall for women AND for their male child abuse, is that by 45 their estrogen is gone. Without estrogen they get masculinized really fast and angry. And they start to show male dominance and start to male compete with male children, aka beating the shit out of them. Which is why these 40 something women should NEVER get custody

  8. You guys seem to think women become real miserable when they hit the wall. They are mildly depressed. You guys are projecting your feelings, you are real miserable.

  9. How did you became the last single? Everyone else got hooked

    Problem solved…

    Oh wait… its a women… she's just here to bitch and complain while talking about herself

  10. There's a reason after 26 in China a women who has not settled down is regarded as a leftover. Leftovers are bad enough in the refrigerator, but, who would want to marry them & take them to bed with them. That's just plain insanity.

  11. @16 SMV starts to get front loaded
    @18 SMV is almost at your maximum
    @ 22 You are at you hottest and most fertile
    @ 28 Your primary fertility window is CLOSED
    @ 30 Ninety percent of your eggs are gone and you are now 7 times more likely to have a Downie baby
    @ 40 You only have 3% of your eggs left and they are not your best eggs
    @ 45 You lose all sex drive
    @ 48-51 You hit the menopause and are now a reproductive zombie
    @ 51-90 If you are not married with kids you have 40 years alone with your Cats

  12. So, a woman's sexual market value is between 16-30 years old, a man's sexual market value is between 30-65 years old (i would say) or if he's millionaire maybe 'till 75 years old. 15 years for women, 35-40 years for men. Is this nature or social construct? Or both?
    A woman in her 30s is considerated old and no man wants her if he can get a teenager. To be even more fair, maybe there are women who can find a man until she's 35, after that age she's single forever. Is that what is going on?
    Is this the reason why girls in their 20's are so sluts (as you men say, ride the carousel…) because they know that's the only period of time in their life when they can have the men they want (feeling like a woman, feeling desired), living their life as they want, beeing free, cos they know after 30s all that is over? I don't know, just asking. After 30s they want a family and children but they realise no man want them anymore cos they are already ''old''? To men being 30 is old?! In their 20s when they have a chance to have a family, as long men still want them, they choose to be ''free'', after 30s they want a family but is too late. Now is men's time to be ''free and independent'', pump and dump left and right. In the end both gender end up single, alone without a family and children. This is western society nowadays. Blame feminism for that! The sad thing is, women still didn't figure out what is so obvious, feminism hates women too.

  13. Look for the kids and autism link in the San Diego Encinitas area. The older women w kids have flocked to have children their in their late 30’s. Blame it on the environmental conditions not being the old predator slut having the last fertile egg

  14. This is the kind of chick who is hitting the wall so hard she will be lucky if she can attract a 68 year old retiree with a double wide trailer, and a wall mart slip and fall settlement who has to take viagra to keep from pissing on his balls when she makes him sit down to pee.

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