Never Marry A Filipina – Part #1 of 5 – DiVoRcEd ZoMbiE NaTiOn LiVe

Never Marry A Filipina – Part #1 of 5 – DiVoRcEd ZoMbiE NaTiOn LiVe

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44 Replies to “Never Marry A Filipina – Part #1 of 5 – DiVoRcEd ZoMbiE NaTiOn LiVe”

  1. I'm a Filipino myself and I should tell you that almost every women here are tainted with feminism and they don't even realize it, probably because women here have more access to the Internet; they'll eat all sorts of smears what they read about men, whether they're true or not.

  2. Having once been married to a young Filipina and brought her to my country..i have to agree with a lot of what you say..i must say not all is correct,but much of it is..the most important thing to understand is if you are an older guy,,DO NOT MARRY A YOUNG FILIPINA,,and most certainly DO NOT BRING HER BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY..

  3. Damn Dude! Never, I say never get with a Filipina who has a money hungry family. I encountered too many Filipinas who's family came first and I was last. Prior to meeting my Wife who is a Filipina, my Wife told her family no all the time. My Wife had to make it on her own before we even met. Being on her own having to struggle showed my Wife the real truth about her family. No one had her back. After meeting my Wife she would tell me no and not to do things except for her Father who was still alive then. Once her Father passed away there was no more obligations.

    No sad or sorry story that money is needed for this or that. Not once has her family contacted us requesting money because they already know my Wife answer will be, "Hell No".

    Because of how my Wife is, is the reason why I married her. She is not materialistic, she is not a City Girl, and is not into fashion. I love how at the Malls she never once ask me to buy this or to buy that except for chocolates which she is crazy for.

    Never marry a Filipina who family is the most important thing because you will be left out in the cold. Never marry a Filipina who is the hottest looking because once here in the US, she will dump you for a younger guy. If she stays with you and has kids, she will cut her hair and put on weight.

    Girls from the Provence is what I recommend because they are not materialistic and grew up the hard way unlike City Girls.

  4. Sorry you have a bad experience to a pilipina woman, most of the things you said is true. The money issue it's not just you, even Filipinos having problems with filipino. But. Think of it you had a good run right. So You be bitter, if you marry a white girl they get everything and put you to jail

  5. ive seen a foreign guy happily married to a filipino lovely kids but the filipino women I know are all BIG liars highly manipulative, money money money and passport. They tell you they love you soooooo much but you know shes lying haha cause when she doesnt get her own way she gets nasty. They give gifts but there is an alterier motive. I like filipno women though great company good fun but I dont take offence this is all down to an impoverished enviroment they are just looking for a better life. I would actually help but I dont like being taken for an idiot by someone thats cold bloodied.

  6. From what I have experienced in the Philippines lieing is a way of life over there. I met a gal and she was my fiancé and little did I know her brother was not the brother. Straight out liars that will rip off foreiners with no conscious. This is the type I have run into twice over there.

  7. Sounds like you picked a bad woman to begin with. It doesn't matter where she's from or what her financial state is, if you can't read the writing on the wall….thats on you

  8. To lessen the risk, marry a women with career and aspiration, a less traditional type or a well-established women.. Most women in traditional setup will eventually treat their husband as atm since household chores is a no-brainer..

  9. I agree with this gentleman. They so easy to fu** and so cheap race . That the main reason why I never trust them or marry one. This dude seems so hurt I have sympathy for what he go through

  10. It sounds like you didn't VET your wife. How long did you communicate, date before you decided to marry her? If you took the time, you could have found an integrous, extremely educated and beautiful woman. In fact there are plenty of Filipina nurses, who are the main bread winner in the family while their husband kicks back on his career. You wanted someone who was easily available. The quality you came up with is equal to the stringency of your search for your life partner. Although I agree that there is a high probability that the Filipino family will want income from you, it's an impoverished nation after all. If you can share, share is a cultural philosophy. There is a good side & bad side to that philosophy.

  11. Genetic improvement is the meaning of life. Inter-racial breeding is foolish and animalistic. It's genetic roulette and you will almost surely lose.

    A real European man knows the difference between sport and passing on and improving his genetic line.

    Other races can be friends, decent people, etc… but you must understand they are what they are and they are different to Europeans in deep and fundamental ways. They have their good points, but interbreeding is crazy.

  12. Hi, be careful with your words Mr. American man… Not all Filipino women are the same… Hold your tongue, don't generalize us… You are disgusting man!!!!

  13. You’re totally correct! Filipinas use everyone and marry anyone they see you as a steppingstone to a more abundant life or a retirement fund Most filipinas want to be nurses or personal support workers as personal support workers they do a shit job Most filipinas are bisexual even if they’re married to men. They will manipulate and push you to get what they want. Never let them live with you or you will be totally screwed. They also like to cry until you give in to what they want from you at this point they also like to bullshit you and say what they’re doing is for you But you are the one doing everything for her and for you. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!!

  14. Also, something that I've noticed with my Filipina ex is that most of them (not all) are easily corrupted by the American lifestyle. She may have been a good-little, church-going girl in the Phils, but thanks to 'toxic friends' here in the US, she becomes a bar-hoppin' girl gone bad.

  15. Pernup stating: For example separate bank accounts, both pay bills, pay half the apartment, if cheating send you back home, If divorce leave house to me, no child support, no moneys when divorce. And she needs to sign it. Keep safe deposit box. and one photo copy. Only way I would marry a Filipina women.

  16. In my view no Woman is to be trusted No matter what country or color or age, they are born liars and manipulaters from the time the doctor slaps their ass, but in some countries it is damn near a BUISNESS to pretend to love for that American Id. If you like them, and I do then just go get a massage and get your freak on its cheaper and everybody is happy… 'daddy want boom boom ' lol Just leave your emotions at the door bro

  17. And having studied Asian culture to better understand my martial art, it is true that a man marrying into a family will be expected to take care of the family it is their culture but Ofcourse it's not in the fine print. It would be wise to do your research. I'm a victim of this scam as well, some bitch from Singapore stalked me in Google Plus, and claimed infinite love and we spent hours on the phone daily. She finally came and married me even when I suspected her of many lies. After we had a very budget wedding three days later I came home from work and she was gone. She even took the suit I got married in. I'm still trying to get a divorce so take it from somebody who should have known better, a bitch is a bitch is a bitch no matter where they come from. And no I didn't spend money on this worm she bought the fake ring and paid for the fake wedding, the only thing I lost was my dignity. Lesson learned

  18. Alluring I suppose French men don't cheat and aren't racists Ler me see I remember a French president who had sex with a teenager, and most Europeans have very strange appetites, having said that now all you have to do is MOVE to France

  19. You are absolutely right !
    In my experience Filipinos ( both female and men) are one of the most cunning people you qill ever meet –
    I had a filipino coworker – one of them most disgusting person I ever met

    In my experience Korean people are very nice – they are honest straight forward and reliable — Same as Japanese people

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