Natural Hair Confessions: 3 Months Without Washing My Hair | TeaundraTangles

Natural Hair Confessions: 3 Months Without Washing My Hair | TeaundraTangles

OPEN FOR DETAILS:::… Hey Guys! Thanks so much for tuning in today. Today’s video details my natural hair confessions. It has been 3 months since I have washed my hair and I use that…


34 Replies to “Natural Hair Confessions: 3 Months Without Washing My Hair | TeaundraTangles”

  1. Hey T.. I'm Glad that you decided to come back. YT has definitely changed and I always say I miss the old school YT. I don't want to watch someone wash their hair with a Full Beat of makeup on or talk about things they know dang on well they don't like but they have to do a certain video because of the company SMH. I watch different ppl on YT for different things; all the Bright Lights and Glam don't impress me at all idc how cute it may look. Personality, Contact, interaction are some of KEY factors for me in watching and/or subbing to any channel since Day 1. So again I'm glad you decided to record again and I'm looking forward to future videos. I use to say you was like my DC Queen girl lol you had these videos where you was on the HUNT for the Best DC Remember???

  2. Well it's great that you're back. I loved watching your old vidss with your long hair, had a heart attack when you cut your hair and gave it away!! lol Welcome back

  3. Your still beautiful an I'm glad your back when I first started my hair Journey you are the first person that I had seen a video on natural hair care I've been following you for the last couple of years I will continue to follow you through your entire Journey whatever it is that you may choose I support you

  4. I’ve watched your older videos in the past and I just realized I wasn’t subscribed to your channel. I am SO HAPPY you’re back at it. I appreciate your realness 💜

  5. Right!! I know what you mean… I work out a lot, my hair is elbow length, and I don't have time to be messing with my hair. As long as it's moisturized, I'll go w/out washing my hair for up to 30 days! Most of the time, I just slap a bandana on, a wig, or twists; mainly a bandana lol. My husband is so tired of seeing me with a "rag on my head." lol You do you girl!!

  6. Well I'm plus sized and I watched your videos before your hiatus, which everyone needs a break, and I always wonder why people get on camera with makeup on when they are about to wash their hair because I get conditioner on my face sometimes lol. I think it's absolutely nothing wrong with your way of making videos.

  7. Hi T!! So glad to see you back. I have followed you for years. I have always enjoyed your content, and all of your video's. I still prepare Brussel sprouts which I learned how to cook from your video! Love your DC video's. So many fav video's from your channel. Enjoying your content as you bring it 100%.

  8. Girl, you’re one of my absolute favorites. I kept looking you up to see if you stopped coming up on my feed. I value your opinions as a resource on YouTube. Welcome back!

  9. I'm so glad that you're back!! You were the one that made me fully go back natural. It was simple. You let me know that I can grow my hair long without chemicals. It will be 5 years this April. Thank you so much. 😘😘😘

  10. Me too i calme down and done with hair treatments my hair feel better now i didnt wash my hair since almost a month i didnt oiling or cowashing i didnt dis m'y eyebrow non mostash and its fine im feeling totally natural its great ✔️❤💯

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