31 Replies to “Naruto Shippuden – Naruto and Hinata’s Wedding”

  1. I started watching naruto when I was 6 years old and when the series ended I was 20. Naruto has been apart of my life for 14 years and this ending makes to happy. After so long I can say in my opinion naruto is the greatest anime of all time

  2. I personally disliked how the final episodes of Naruto didn't mention or reflect on Naruto and Jiraiya's relationship. Like didn't visit his grave or anything.

  3. Nada ver vocês dois assim juntinho eu prefiro a Naruko e Naruto juntos eles dois Naruto e Hinata não combina são casal mais horrível que eu já vi na minha vida

  4. everyone sayng that Hinata "finally" got Hiashi's approval, but she's actually had it since the battle with Pein. and even then she had it since her fight with Neji. Hiashi has always cared about Hinata, but at the time he was thinking about what was best for the clan, and in a not so agreeable traditional sense. Could he have done it a better way without disowning her? Of course he could have! I think he realized his mistake when Hinata got kidnapped while Suna and Oto started attacking. Because he said that "Hinata is my precious daughter". And he begged Kakashi not to blow up the moon because BOTH his daughters were up there

  5. I have a feeling her Dad finally accepted her , but he’s glad she chose such a strong and admired life partner so the clan’s name wouldn’t be tarnished

  6. This bitch has the audacity to say Neji's name after getting him killed. Hinata can't even be a good wife to Naruto, he sleeps in the COUCH PPL. She looks unhappy every time, I live for her sad face lmao. So much airbrush she don't even look like that smh.

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